Shadow Side

Shadow Side. Explore Dark Side of MAGIC with AR.

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Shadow side is a free to play dark mystery Role Playing game with technology of Augmented Reality and Geolocation.
Centuries ago an Ancient Evil ruled the world. It fed on humans emotions, reinforcing their anger and jealousy, weakening their kindness and generosity. People suffered for years until the mighty warlock created the spell which locked all the monsters into the Shadows.

The Darkness gathers, something is coming! Be ready to face hungry and powerful creatures, who waited so long for the perfect time to show up again.
* Fight dozens of different creatures: pass through harpies, try to avoid gazers’ lightenings, dodge weepers’ fire and defeat bats, gargoyles and other monsters!
* Use magic! Search for scrolls to learn up to 300 new spells and potions.
* Clean up the location from monsters and get valuable rewards. Use achieved points to increase your Mana, Health or Skills level.
* Start as Associate and evolve to Conjurer, Warlock, Wizard or even Arch-Mage.
* Genius? Troll skin? Maybe The potion master? Choose the most appropriate skill for you. Deal multiply hits and evade enemy attacks.

Shadow Side Screenshoots

You won’t be alone in this war. Listen carefully to the mystic mentor, who’ll teach you everything you need to know.
Conquer enemies and fight in this action RPG for the future of the world.