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Written by Lana Law
May 4, 2020

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The Dominican Republic has some of the most  beach  beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Whether you are looking for a beach to relax at an all-inclusive resort, a secluded and undeveloped stretch of sand to get away from people and civilization, or something in between, the Dominican Republic has it.

Beach on the backside of Playa Rincón | Photo Copyright: Lana Law

On the north side of the island, endless soft-sand beaches line the coast. Some of these are surfer havens and kiteboarding destinations, others offer tranquil retreats for swimming and snorkeling. dominican republic

The Caribbean Coast on the south side of the island has a mix of powdery white sand or smooth pebble beaches, depending on the region. dominican republic

On the far east end of the island, top where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea, is Punta Cana, with a playa combination of gorgeous beaches and luxury resorts. dominican republic

For ideas to inspire your next trip, see our list of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic. dominican republic

Note: Some businesses may be temporarily closed due to recent global health and safety issues.

1. Bávaro Beach, Punta Cana

Bávaro Beach, Punta Cana
Bávaro Beach, Punta Cana

Punta Cana is the top  Dominican Republic’s number one beach playaresort destination, with sun seekers and families coming here in droves to relax at the all-inclusive resorts that line the soft white-sand beaches. dominican republic

The most beautiful stretch of beach in the Punta Cana area is undoubtedly Bávaro Beach, just north of Punta Cana. dominican republic

The calm Caribbean waters are perfect for swimming or wading, and the water color is a typical Caribbean turquoise hue that stretches out well beyond the roped-off swimming area to the protective reef in the distance. dominican republic

Beyond the swimming zone is an action packed area of boats and parasailers. dominican republic

On shore, the beach stretches for miles, perfect for walking and people watching. dominican republic

You can find many of the big name luxury chain resorts on Bávaro, including Iberostar Grand Hotel Bavaro, the adults-only Barcelo Bavaro Beach, playaand the Grand Palladium Bavaro Suites Resort & Spa.

2. Playa Rincón playa 

Playa Rincón
Playa Rincón | Photo Copyright: Lana Law

Undeveloped and remote, beaches  Playa Rincón is the quintessential, postcard perfect, tropical white-sand beach. Glimmering aquamarine waves lap the shore. dominican republic

Huge palm trees line the sand and playaprovide shade. At one end, a protected cove offers a consistently calm bay for swimming, and in the distance, lush green mountains rise up beaches  from the opposite shore of the bay. dominican republic

A small restaurant at one beaches  end of the beach and a couple of stands near the parking area offer lunch and snacks and are the only structures in the vicinity. dominican republic

Located on the Samana Peninsula, Playa Rincon is most typically reached by a 30-minute boat ride from the town of Las Galeras, or by a 30-minute drive. dominican republic

The road is paved and in playa good condition almost the entire way, but near the beach it is dirt and potholed but passable with a regular vehicle. dominican republic

If you want to hire a boat, you can simply walk down to the waterfront in Las Galeras, where the main road into town dead-ends at the ocean, and playa someone will be waiting to help you. The boats leave directly from the beach here.

Most hotels are also happy playa to help you arrange a trip to Playa Rincón. If you want to go by car and make a full day of it, travel  you may also want to stop off on the way back at the Boca del Diablo (Devil’s Mouth) blow hole. This is about a 15-minute detour down a rough dirt road.

3. Cayo Levantado playa 

Photo Copyright: Luxury Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado
Photo Copyright: Luxury Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado

If your vacation goal is to beaches  relax on a beautiful beach on a private island, then look no further than Cayo beaches  Levantado. This remote island off the coast of the Samaná Peninsula is surrounded by soft-sand beaches, with shallow turquoise waters, and home to beaches  the Luxury Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado.

The island’s three beaches, beaches  connected by trails, are some of the most beautiful in the Dominican. The resort is an all-inclusive, adults-only facility. The closest international airport is Samaná El Catey International Airport.

4. Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata beaches

Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata
Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata | Photo Copyright: Lana Law

On the Amber Coast, best Playa Dorada is Puerto Plata’s primary resort beach. This stretch of golden sand extends along the coast, east of the city. The stunning mountain best scenery; palm-lined beach; and clean, clear turquoise waters are exactly what draw tourists to this destination. caribbean 

The resorts along here are not best  towering high-rises. Building codes have kept them to a maximum of three stories, and each resort is relatively well spaced from surrounding resorts. For a resort playa area with more than a dozen resorts, Playa Dorada has best  done a good job of maintaining a natural feeling environment.one 

Most of the resorts along here playa are all-inclusive mid-range or luxury resorts, with one or more pools and on-site travel   restaurants. Some of the best resorts on Playa Dorada are the large playa Iberostar Costa Dorada, the more quaint VH Gran Ventana Beach Resort. The intimate and romantic Casa Colonial Beach & Spa is a classy boutique playa hotel with only fifty luxury rooms and impeccable service.

5. Beaches of Las Galeras beautiful

Beaches of Las Galeras
Beaches of Las Galeras | Photo Copyright: Lana Law

While Playa Rincon, near the town of   beach  Las Galeras, is frequently mentioned as one of the top beaches in the travel  Dominican Republic, the beautiful beach that lines the waterfront of Las Galeras itself is caribbean equally stunning. Beyond the main beach,  beach  you can easily walk 15 minutes or less in either direction to find more incredible beaches and your own tranquil piece of waterfront to lay out your towel or rent a beach chair. caribbean 

The entire beachfront area of Las Galeras is graced by huge coconut   beach  palms, and the shallow beaches radiate a   beach  range of turquoise, green, and blue shades that are unparalleled along the entire north coast of the island. caribbean

Add to this the charming little town of Las Galeras, and this is truly one of the Dominican’s undiscovered treasures.grand laguna beach

A short stroll west of town is the   beach  undeveloped beach of La Playita, where calm,   beach  shallow waters are perfect for swimming. A few beachside vendors are on hand to best rent you chairs and palapas.beach cabarete beach 

To the east of Las Galeras, just a short stroll best  around a palm-tree-covered point is a tranquil turquoise beach and the Grand Paradise Samana, one of the only large-scale resorts in the area. boca chica beach 

If you are looking for something with a little more best Caribbean character, midway between the main beach and La Playita is the charming, colonial-style Villa Serena Hotel, overlooking the ocean. beach juanillo beach

6. Kite Beach, Cabarete best beaches

Kite Beach, Cabarete
Kite Beach, Cabarete | Photo Copyright: Lana Law

Cabarete’s Kite Beach is one of the most internationally well-known beaches in the Caribbean when it comes to water sports. dominican republic bávaro

This is an action packed beach known around the world as a top kitesurfing destination. dominican republic playa 

This celebrated beach hosts the   beach  annual Master of the Ocean, the world championship for watersports (kiteboarding, windsurfing, surfing, and stand up paddle surfing),   beach  held almost annually in late February. beach sosua beach 

The atmosphere at Kite Beach   beach  is friendly, and newcomers to the sport of kiting are always welcome. Lessons are available at several kiteboarding schools. If you are interested in   beach  getting started, see our article on learning to kiteboard on Kite Beach. beaches dominican republic 

7. Cabarete Beach, Cabarete beach punta cana

Cabarete Beach, Cabarete
Cabarete Beach, Cabarete | Photo Copyright: Lana Law

Cabarete Beach, running all along the   beach  waterfront of Cabarete, is more about atmosphere than turquoise waters. The beach here is lovely and is one of the few in   beach  the area that is frequently calm enough for   beach  swimmers of all abilities. The shore is also shallow for a considerable distance, making it more appropriate for children than other beaches in this area. playa boca chica

But the real draw here is the vibe. Casual but modestly   beach  trendy restaurants line the beach, with tables, chairs, patio lights, and lamps set up under thatch-roofed buildings travel  and directly on the sand. You can dine by the   beach  stars at some of the quaint seaside restaurants or listen to a band or solo   beach  musician in the early evening. beach punta cana

A game of volleyball punta is usually playing out on the beach or soccer balls are being kicked around. source

The calmer sections playa of this crescent-shaped beach are often tranquil enough for las  stand up paddle boarding, but more frequently, beginner windsurfers punta  are practicing their skill a short distance off shore. Unlike beaches on the Caribbean Coast, you don’t see powerboats on Cabarete Beach. covid

This is not the type of beach punta that is dominated by large-scale resorts, travel  and all-inclusive resorts in Cabarete are scarce, however you can find some luxury beachfront hotels along Cabarete Beach. Chief among these are the Velero Beach Resort, the punta Millennium Resort & Spa, and the Ultravioleta Boutique Residences.near 

8. Punta Rucia playa boca chica

Beach at Punta Rucia
Beach at Punta Rucia | Photo Copyright: Michael Law

This small fishing   beach  village on the west end of the Amber Coast has a spectacular, long, curving beach with shallow,las  warm water backed by sea grape trees. Lush mountains line   beach  one side of the beach, and a rocky headland caps the other end.wedding

You will likely have the beach   beach  at Punta Rucia all to yourself. Limited services are available here, so either bring a picnic lunch or grab a bite at a local restaurant. Bring all your   beach  beach gear with you, no chairs or umbrellas are available.one 

A 10-minute boat ride from the beach is the popular day-tripping destination of Paradise Island. This small patch of sand   beach  surrounded by a large coral reef features spectacular   beach  snorkeling. If you are on a smaller boat, you’ll be able to go on a wild travel  ride through the mangroves on your way back to town.one 

This area also draws   beach  kiteboarders on a quest for las  flatwater riding. The beach is protected from the wind, but offshore, strong winds blow consistently. Twenty minutes offshore are   beach  shallow lagoons with sand bottoms travel  protected by reefs, where long tacks are the norm.

9. Playa Grande, Rio San Juan boca chica beach

Playa Grande, Rio San Juan
Playa Grande, Rio San Juan | Photo Copyright: Lana Law

Far from the famous   beach  resort destinations of Puerto Plata or Punta Cana, Playa Grande is an undeveloped beach with a distinctly Dominican feel. Backed by palm trees   beach  and a few rustic food stands, this coral-colored, soft-sand beach   beach  looks out onto the pounding surf of the Atlantic Ocean.

Huge waves often roll in here,   beach  but calm days do exist, and the section closest to the parking area is somewhat sheltered by a headland.   beach  This wide beach stretches out for more than a kilometer, meaning even las  on busy days you can always find your own patch of sand,   beach  and weekdays you may be on your own here.one 

Playa Grande is located on the outskirts of the town of Rio San Juan, but day trips to this beach can be easily organized from   beach  Cabarete or Puerto Plata. If you have your own vehicle or   beach  car and driver, you can   beach  also stop off at nearby Playa Caleton, a much smaller beach in a quiet cove with often little to no wave action. Playa Caleton is a fun and safe beach   beach  for children. Similar to Playa Grande, a few vendors are set up along the beach.one 

At the far end   beach  of the beach from the parking area is the recently opened luxury Amanera hotel.one  Another luxury property in the area is The Balaji Palace at Playa Grande, located on a travel  headland between Playa Grande and Playa Caleton. Both   beach  of these are top-end properties with spectacular settings, travel  pools, and all the regular amenities.one 

10. Bahia de Las Aguilas grand laguna beach 

Bahia de Las Aguilas
Bahia de Las Aguilas

Beautiful and remote,   beach  Bahia de Las Aguilas is truly one of the Dominican travel  Republic’s most undiscovered gems. Located near the town of Pedernales on the Caribbean coast, not far las  from the border with Haiti, this glorious eight-kilometer-long   beach  stretch of sand is part of Jaragua National Park, a travel  UNESCO designated natural reserve.

Calm, crystal-clear   beach  water and white sand make this one of the most enticing beaches in the Dominican, yet it is beautiful  also one of the least visited. The beach at Bahia   beach  de Las Aguilas is completely undeveloped, as is the surrounding area. Most visitors beautiful who come here stay in Barahona and day trip to the beach.one 

Accommodation: Where to Stay in Barahona 

11. Playa Juan Dolio dominican republic

Playa Juan Dolio
Playa Juan Dolio

For a fun and lively beach vacation, the small   beach  seaside town of Juan Dolio is the place to go. This palm-lined stretch of golden beautiful  sand is perfect for playing in the waves and soaking up the sun.

Located along the   beach  Caribbean coast between Santo Domingo and las  Punta Cana, Juan Dolio is frequented by foreign tourists as well as Dominicans. You can find a mix of vacation rentals and all-inclusive resorts beautiful along here. If you’re looking to book a place,   beach  some good options include the mid-range Emotions by Hodelpa las  and the more upscale Xeliter Costa del Sol Juan Dolio.

12. Playa Fronton beach

Playa Fronton
Playa Fronton

Accessible  beach  only by boat or a four-hour round-trip guided hike, Playa Fronton is a completely undeveloped beach. dominican republic’s

The crystal-clear   beach  water and palm-studded, soft, golden sand great is backed by dramatic black cliffs, creating an almost surreal landscape that you won’t find in other areas of the Dominican Republic.best beaches

Boats depart   beach  from the small town of Las Galeras; the very last town on the main road through the Samaná Peninsula. best dominican republic beaches

If you thought you were at the end of the world when you reached   beach  Las Galeras, you won’t feel any closer to   beach  civilization when you hop in a small boat and head out on the ocean for a 40-minute trip to a forgotten beach. The beach gets the light in great  the morning, and in the afternoon is shaded by the cliff walls. best beaches

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