5 Doberman Colors And The One To Avoid

Video 5 Doberman Colors And The One To Avoid

Do you know the Doberman exists in 5 different colors?

Do you know which Doberman colors are recognized or restricted by kennel clubs?

Most people know the Doberman as a black dog with brown markings. This is the most popular and most often seen hair color. But the Doberman is also born in a few other colors.

The 5 different coat colors are:

  • black
  • red
  • blue
  • fawn
  • white

The most common Doberman hair color is obviously the black and tan, sometimes called black and rust, or black and brown. In a healthy dog, it looks shiny and sleek.

The next most widely seen color is the red Doberman, which is a light brownish-red hair coloring. Sometimes red Dobermans are called “chocolate Dobermans”. There are different shades of red hair, ranging from a copper tone to a dark chocolate. Adding to the confusion, the color names also vary around the world, some Europeans call red Dobermans, brown.

Below you can see the traditional black and tan Doberman color alongside a red Doberman.

Black & Tan Doberman | Red Doberman

black and red dobermans together in grass, red doberman sometimes called chocolate doberman

Blue Doberman | Fawn Doberman

The Doberman dog is also seen in a fawn color and a blue color which is seen much less often.

Blue Dobermans and fawn Dobermans are both color dilutions. The fawn Doberman, (sometimes called Isabella color or cinnamon) is a diluted red. The blue Doberman is a dilute of black. And the blue Doberman is sometimes called a gray Doberman or silver Doberman. The gray color may have a charcoal gray, silver, or purple tone.

These last two Doberman colors, the greys, and fawns are sometimes discouraged from breeding. They are considered a disqualifying fault in some dog shows. Even so, it’s felt that these dogs are not inferior to the reds or blacks if good breeding is present.

The White Doberman

Lastly, we have the rare Doberman with white or light-colored cream fur. The White Doberman Pinscher came from inbreeding and is considered a partial albino Doberman. The first documented albino Doberman, Sheba, was born on November 10, 1976. White Dobermans today descend from Sheba, who was inbred to create white Dobermans.

It’s common knowledge that these white Dobermans tend to have health problems and behavioral issues. They can have skin and eyesight problems, like photosensitivity. Because it has poor vision, the dog may be unsure of its surroundings. This can lead to aggressive behavior, like fear biting. As a result, some countries have banned the breeding of this dog mutation, and breeders are encouraged not to breed for this color. It is seen as inhumane to the dog due to the potential for serious health concerns.

The white Doberman looks interesting but breeders should avoid introducing these dogs into their bloodlines. Also, consumers and dog lovers need to be educated about the health concerns of these dogs. Although these white Dobermans look beautiful, these dogs should not command higher dog prices. Especially when they may need more medical care. If someone wants a white dog there are better white breeds to choose from.

Having said all this, if you do find a white Doberman rescue dog or a white Doberman from a breeder with a good reputation, who does health testing, please give them a chance. Not all white Dobermans are problematic and they can still make great companions. Just remember buyer beware.

All-Black Doberman?

All-black Dobermans are rarely seen but do exist. They are known as melanistic Dobermans. These are black Dobermans without the usual rust color markings. Like the white Doberman, they should not be bred. These black Dobermans are not part of the official standard for the breed. Again, ethical breeders who care about Dobermans won’t breed these dogs.

What’s Your Favorite Doberman Color?


In a survey on this website, we asked visitors which color was their favorite.

14,568 votes were collected over five years.

The winner as expected was the black & tan color with 62% of the votes, with the reds in second place with 24%. And it’s interesting that blue Dobermans slightly beat out fawn Dobermans by 2%.

Favorite Doberman Color Voting Results:

  • Black/Tan = 62%
  • Red = 24%
  • Blue = 8%
  • Fawn = 6%

Whatever color your Doberman is, remember they have short hair and are sensitive to cold temperatures. Get them a fun winter dog sweater if you can.

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