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Alex Choi Net Worth

Alex Choi was born on October 25, 1999. His birthplace was Seoul, South Korea.

Alex refuses to mention anything about his parents but we know that the Choi family stayed in South Korea until he was a young boy.

The next thing he knew, they were relocating to Los Angeles, California.

As a result, Alex holds dual citizenship- American and South Korean.


Although Alex is yet to unwrap stories about his school days and education, it’s widely known that Alex has been playing around with luxury cars even before he became old enough to drink alcohol.

And it gets cooler.

While Asian parents are mostly stereotyped as strict and straight as a ruler, slipper-wielding kind of strict and ambitious with high standards who will beat your bum to a pulp if you don’t become a company boss or a lawyer, Alex’s parents turned out to be quite cool.

So cool that they’re willing to lend him his mom’s Mercedez Benz which he eventually played with to impress his friends.

In one instance…

…in an attempt to complete a drift and impress the squad, Alex crashed the precious Mercedez Benz into a small tree, effectively beating both the car and the tree to a pulp.

Alex Choi

Other parents would’ve forbidden their son from touching a megawatt luxury car ever again.

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But apparently, it wasn’t the case with Alex and his parents.

After the incident, his luxury car collection just kept on growing as he studied and mastered not only driving a luxury car and sports car but also customizing and building them, as well.

As a matter of fact…

After just a couple of years, Alex was already starting to establish his name and authority in the luxury automobile world.

Thanks to the platform YouTube, Alex was able to share his latest build, starting what would be a great automobile career for the barely adult guy.

Alex’s first YouTube video is the video titled fiat 500e drift car build where he builds his white car in his own garage.

And it was an instant hit.

If you’d look at the comments on his first video ever, you’ll see that many people were thrilled to see him on YouTube, and the description of the video says that it’s a much-requested video.

That’s proof that Alex was actually able to establish his name and gradually grow his authority when it comes to building and owning luxury cars in this community even before his YouTube channel.

The man just saw his chance and struck while the iron is hot- or while his name is loud!

His second video was just even wilder, showing off his sexy black Pagani Zonda while casually driving around Los Angeles like it’s no big deal.

Turned out…

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The allure of his videos came not only from these curvy supercars and stunt show, but also from the sunny view and L.A. crowd.

Aside from that, his chill demeanor and quiet confidence became Alex Choi’s trademark that didn’t only leave girls swept off their feet but guys in awe with respect for the young but very matured YouTuber and supercar collector.

But the best was yet to come.

The South Korean automobile icon got his big break when he uploaded to his newly opened YouTube channel the video Lamborghini Launch Control Reaction compilation.

The video Lamborghini Launch Control Reaction Compilation shows a compilation of short recorded videos in which different people- Choi’s friends and colleagues- sit on the passenger seat of his Lamborghini Huracan as he surprisingly does a launch control.

The video garnered millions of views months after its release and today, it has almost 14 million views already!

And some viewers are even asking for more.

This newly-found fanbase and followers launched Alex Choi net worth and name to a different height.

You’re not a supercar enthusiast if you don’t know Alex Choi.

After the epic video Lamborghini Launch Control Reaction, more wild videos came. It became obvious that the new star on the block was learning what makes a YouTube star’s name big and loud.

Coming in second to the Lamborghini Launch Control Reaction video, Alex made waves yet again with a video called Cops Arrest Bugatti Owner for Going Too Slow!!!

The caption of the video shows Alex’s distaste for the Los Angeles police, to which he says should go and fight real crime.

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And actually…

That’s the most emotion Alex showed on his YouTube channel.

Aside from awesome builds and jaw-dropping car stunts, Choi also likes to post unconventional videos such as footage of his exploding car, his car being wrecked by his friends, his female friends struggling to do their makeup in the backseat of his raging car, and a POV video among others.

But that’s not the best one.

Just a year ago after his YouTube channel launch, Alex made waves yet again and made onlookers gasp with the unconventional and controversial customization of his Lamborghini Huracan.

Letting his readers know that a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into the shocking project, Alex Choi unveiled his Unicorn V3 in a video called Introducing Unicorn V3, THE TWIN TURBO LAMBORGHINI RALLY CAR.

The YouTube video shows a Lambo Huracan encased in a pink cage, Exo cage, or monkey bars as Alex calls it.

He called to his fans to help him with a name to call the cage.

The reactions were mixed. Some people were offended by his show of wealth that they say came from mommy’s pockets, and some were amazed.


Alex Choi net worth and YouTube followers grew so fast that he’s already able to monetize his videos and earn from them, thus earning his own money and finally being independent of his parents.

From a humble (or not so humble) 500e drift car build to a customized Lambo with all sorts of novelties, he truly came a long way.

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