Are Yamiche Alcindor and Lew Alcindor Related? Yamiche refers to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as Her Dad on Twitter

Yamiche Alcindor is a journalist recently recognized because of many public clashes with former president Trump that she has had in the past couple of years.

On the other side of this article, we will talk about the former NBA basketball player and coach Lew Alcindor, and as the two share the surname, we will reveal if they’re actually related.

Who is Yamiche Alcindor?

Yamiche Alcindor is one of the most powerful black women in America, being a journalist and a reporter who never backs down.

Her career as a journalist started back at college as she was an intern journalist for “The Washington Post”, “The Seattle Times”, as well as for “Mmegi”, which is the newspaper from Botswana.

Starting as a reporter at “Newsday”, after two years of covering several serious stories, such as the 2010 Haiti earthquake (which is where her parents are from), she became a news reporter for “USA Today” in 2011.

Yamiche witnessed and was a reporter for numerous terrible scenes in America throughout the years, such as the Ferguson unrest, the Baltimore protests, as well as the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

In 2015, Yamiche joined the reporting team of “The New York Times”, where her fight for the black community got even stronger and more fierce.

After a 5-year-long reporting career for “PBS”, Yamiche signed with “NBC” news in 2022.

Yamiche Alcindor will never be silenced or bow down to anyone

One of the most iconic moments from Yamiche’s career as a reporter is the moment she stood up to Donald Trump after the tragic death of George Floyd, an African-American killed by a white American officer for no reason.

In June 2020, the former US President Donald Trump was glowing with pride as he announced lower unemployment rates would make George Floyd proud – one thing he shouldn’t have ever said out loud.

However, the truth was that the unemployment rates of Asian and African-American people increased slightly to almost 17%, while the same rates for white people dropped to 13%.

Yamiche addressed this information while facing Donald Trump as a reporter for PBS, asking him directly how he plans to resolve this racist system in America, to which Trump simply responded “With strong economy”.

Is Yamiche Alcindor related to the former NBA player Lew Alcindor aka Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?

To make it short, no. Despite the two sharing the same surname Alcindor, they are not related.

Yamiche even publicly denied that they are related via social media platforms, such as Twitter.

She even often jokes on Twitter about Lew Alcindor being her “dad”, like here:

It’s safe to say the two are joking about the surname, but they’re not related.

Lew Alcindor basketball career highlights

The 74-year-old former basketball player and coach Lew Alcindor had a pretty lengthy and successful career, and some of his most epic moments in basketball come from his NBA days.

What makes Lew Alcindor one of the greatest players ever are these facts:

  • Lew played 20 consecutive seasons in the NBA for the Milwaukee Bucks and the LA Lakers;
  • He holds the record in being the NBA All-Star 19 times, as well as being the NBA MVP player 6 times;
  • He played in 6 NBA championships, and came back as a basketball coach for 2 more championships;
  • Lew still holds a record in points scored in his career (38,387 points in total);
  • He brought 71 consecutive wins (yes, you read that correctly!!) for his high school basketball team, which helped him become the assistant coach in high school.

And many, many, more amazing achievements have made Alcindor an epic player, as well as an assistant coach in Milwaukee, New York, and LA Lakers.

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