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Brachioplasty Surgery for Nashville

Genetics, time, and even weight loss can all contribute to loose skin on the arms, leading to a softer, flabbier appearance and flesh that wobbles with every movement. With an arm lift at Nashville’s Maxwell Aesthetics, women and men dealing with this sagging can get a more toned and tighter look that restores the sleek lines of their upper arms.

Dr. Patrick Maxwell and Dr. Jacob Unger have developed an international reputation for their surgical accuracy and natural-looking results. This is because they do not take a cookie-cutter approach to any procedure. Instead, they view each surgery—including arm lift—as an opportunity to deliver unique results that reflect an individual’s proportions and aesthetic goals. Dr. Unger has actually authored multiple book chapters about arm lift, or brachioplasty in some of the most highly circulated and read textbooks in the field of plastic surgery.

An Arm Lift Can:

  • Remove drooping or sagging skin on the upper arm
  • Reshape the upper arm
  • Reduce stubborn pockets of fat

Planning Your Nashville Arm Lift Procedure

Arms come in a range of shapes and sizes, so each arm lift procedure is unique. Some patients have a significant amount of excess skin that sags along the entire upper arm, while others will have a more modest droop. Since the degree of sagging and the patient’s desired final look are major factors that help determine surgery details, Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Unger and Dr. Amaka prioritize consultations. Meeting in person, so your surgeon can examine your arms and better understand what you want out of the surgery, ensures that the procedure will be as customized as possible. Maxwell Aesthetics offers the largest compliment of possible options for arm rejuvenation. This includes liposuction, excisional techniques, and the BodyTite radiofrequency device. RFAL, or radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis, combines the ability of liposuction to remove excess fat with the power of radiofrequency-derived energy to shrink and tighten the skin envelope. This is a fantastic option for many people who have excess fat and a small amount of excess skin.

A typical arm lift can have three elements:

  • Excising loose skin: Often a result of significant weight loss, frustrating flaps on the upper arm can be a constant reminder of a person’s former size. Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Unger and Dr. Amaka draw on years of experience to minimize the visibility of scars from the skin-removing incisions, positioning them on the inside or back of the arm.
  • Reshaping deeper tissues: Internal supportive tissues can be repositioned and held in place with sutures for an overall tightening effect along the length of the upper arm.
  • Removing localized fat pockets: Some fat cells seem to refuse to shrink to a smaller size, even with a carefully maintained diet and regular exercise. While removing excess skin and tightening lax tissue for an arm lift, Dr. Maxwell and Dr. Unger can also use liposuction to remove the stubborn fat cells that cause unwanted lumps or bulges.

Arm Lift Surgery and Results

Every arm lift starts with a consultation. Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Unger, Dr. Amaka, and the Maxwell Aesthetics team emphasize patient education, so anyone coming in for surgery should have their questions answered to their satisfaction.

Patients will receive general anesthesia or be put under “twilight,” with the arm lift procedure performed at the Maxwell Aesthetics state-certified surgical suite or at the plastic surgery centers within St. Thomas Midtown or Centennial Medical Center.

Results will be visible right away, though the final look of the new contours will not be seen until after the post-surgical swelling goes down. Arm lift patients can also expect some bruising that will fade usually within the first one to two weeks.

An arm lift can also be part of a larger body contouring effort, as there are many plastic surgery procedures available to men and women who have lost significant weight and are now dealing with excess skin. Popular contouring procedures include tummy tuck and breast lift.

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