Mayan Mysteries

MYSTERY ABOUT THE MAYA The Mayans, also known as the “Central American Indians”, lived in the 4th-9th centuries BC. Their level of development makes us unable to believe that the cultural level of that era was so high. Not only did they learn that the Venusian year has 584 days, the Earth year has 365,242 … Read more

The Curse of 3000 Years

The Curse of 3000 Years BEFORE February 1923, a British archaeological team came to excavate the tomb of pharaoh Tuten Khamon, who died 3,000 years ago. Archaeological team discovered at the tomb door engraved a curse: “Whoever breaks the sleep of the pharaoh, that person will return to the ancient heavens”.Kannap Sunge was the leader … Read more

Egyptian Pyramids

Egyptian pyramids are the tombs where the kings of Egypt rested for thousands of years. Up to now, about 80 tombs have been discovered, of which the most famous pyramid is Khufu’s Pyramid (Cheops). The bottom sides are 230m long (now 227m), the whole height of the tower is 146.5m (now 137m), the bottom angle … Read more

Multi Floor Space Time

MULTI-FLOORSE SPACE-TIME On August 28, 1915, during the Garribarri (Turkey) World War I campaign, a British army of more than 800 soldiers attacked Turkey, just in time, in the sky. landed at the place where the Turks were stationed, covered by a large layer of clouds. And when the British entered the Turkish camp surrounded … Read more


EXPLOSION AT TUNGUSKA 7:17 a.m. on June 30, 1908, in the Tunguska region, Siberia, Russia. There was a terrible explosion in the air, 8000m above the ground. Five hours after the explosion, strong underground tremors affected the North Sea, and shook all weather stations in the UK. Even the survey center in Australia was badly … Read more