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Who is Bobbi Brown and what is her net worth 2022? The American actress and model saw her most popular times in the 1990’s and was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on October 7, 1969 as Bobbie Jean Brown. She is the eldest child of Bobby Gene and Judy Ann Brown and has three siblings; a half-sister, a half-brother and a brother. During her freshman year in high school (Starkey Academy, Central Louisiana), her parents got divorced and her mother married someone else later. Bobbie Brown is also known by many as Bobbi Brown-Lane.


Bobbie Brown started growing in her career as a model by winning the 1987 Miss Louisiana Teen USA title and going on to represent Louisiana in the Miss Teen USA pageant held in El Paso, Texas in 1987. She finished 2nd in that contest. She won the Spokesperson Competition featured on Star Search and achieved this feet a record number of thirteen times. She also got the opportunity to host the syndicated fashion series, “Preview-The Best of the New” in the tear 1990.

Bobbi Brown Net Worth

She was majorly known for her appearances in films such as; Cool as Ice (1991), Last Action Hero (1993) and Counterfeit (1996). As model, Brown worked with many big brands such as Budweiser and also appeared in a few music videos. Great White’s “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” and “House of Broken Love” and Hurricane’s “I’m On To You” were some of them.

However, she is best known for her sensually seductive video which released in 1990 and was titled “Cherry Pie” by the Warrants. She also appeared in three episodes of the popular TV show, “Married……with children” and hosted the late 1990’s TV infomercial that advertised “Big Rock: The 80’s Generation”, the popular eight-CD set. In 1989 she sued Penthouse magazine for featuring another model with the same name as Bobbie Brown. She was also the writer and the host of a 2009 VH1 documentary series titled “Do it for the Band: Women of the Sunset Strip”.

Brown met lead singer Jani Lane during the shooting of the popular song “Cherry Pie” and they got married on July 15, 1991. Brown has a daughter named Taylar Jane Lane with Jani Lane. They got divorced in 1993 and Brown got engaged to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. The relationship lasted only till February 1995 before they broke up, four days prior to Lee’s marriage to Pamela Anderson.

Brown cannot deny her fascination to rockers as she has been in a relationship with rocker Joshua Bissell since 2014. You must have seen Brown in the reality show “Ex-Wives of Rock” since 2012 before she published her memoir titled “Dirty Rocker Boys: Love and Lust on the Sunset Strip”, co-written by Caroline Ryder. In the memoir she admitted to methamphetamine and cocaine addiction. She got hooked on to this addiction as a means to drop weight before modelling shoots. Brown had to visit the rehab several times before getting sober in 2000’s.

She also revealed about a horrific relationship that she had due to which she developed Trichotillomania in 2005. In an interview with VH 1 she said, “I used to date rock stars but I don’t anymore. You think you can change them but you can’t.” Bobbie Brown currently runs an online clothing store called

Education: Brown attended high school at Starkey Academy in Central City, Louisiana and also went to Emerson College. She began modelling work at an early age which did not leave her with much time to study further. The money that was coming to her through her assignments was an added motivation to focus on work rather than studies.

Net Worth in 2022 of Bobbi Brown

The net-worth of Bobbie Brown has been estimated $21.2 million as of 2022-2023. She is doing well for herself reaping the fruits of her popularity which reflects in the popularity of her online clothing store. Her book “Dirty Rocker Boys: Love and Lust on the Sunset Strip” published by Gallery Books (Simon & Schuster) is among the Best-sellers and has sold many copies.

In one of her interviews Bobbie Brown told that it was her mother’s choice to put her into modelling and entertainment which she accepted as her destiny. She also admitted that she has had no game plan. She had an agent and she liked the money, so she continued to work. She also gives credit to her luck for her achievements.

Bobbie Brown or Bobbie Jean Brown or Bobbie Brown-Lane is currently running a successful online clothing store named She is also a successful author with a bestseller under her belt and is working on other writing endeavours along with the growth of her online store.

It has rightly been said that ‘Star Search came before American Idol and Bobbie Brown came before Pamela Anderson.’ Bobbie Jean Brown has been a walking contradiction. To the casual observer she would look like a real life Barbie doll but looks can be deceiving. She is down to earth but not in the typical boring sense. She has lived an extra-ordinary life which is not like the other famous rock star girls; Tawny and Pamela. Bobbie is also referred by some people as; “Miss Cherry Pie”, “The Serial Rock Star Dater” or “The Ultimate Rock Video Girl”.

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