Border Terrier is A Hypoallergenic Dog

YES, A Border terrier is A Hypoallergenic dog.

Border Terrier HypoallergenicIF you or any of your family members suffer from allergies you can still have a dog. However you will need to choose the dog you will bring into your family carefully.

When you think of a hypoallergenic dog usually the first thoughts are poodles and labradoodles. But lots of other breeds qualify. If you choose a hybrid breed (like a labradoodle which is a cross between a Labrador and a poodle) you might find that the hypo allergy varies due to the genetic difference in the individual dogs. They might have more Labrador (not hypoallergenic) then poodle (hypoallergenic) in them. If you like to check out the full list Click Here

The main reason Border terrier has a place in the ‘hypoallergenic dog list’ is because they don’t shed fur. Their coat is coarse and doesn’t come out easily. You need to find a good groomer that knows how to strip your new border terrier’s coat.

Border terriers are a pure breed. This means you will have less variations in the degree of being hypoallergenic. They need to be stripped to be kept tidy. Or you can clip them but breeders don’t like that.

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Because a border terrier is hypoallergenic if you or a member of your family is suffering from allergies they could be an ideal pet for your family.

They are Affectionate, Even Tempered, Alert, Obedient, Fearless and Intelligent. They will need some guidance to be a great family pet.

Hypo allergenic stands for ‘Low’ allergens not ‘No’ allergens which means any dog has got some potential to trigger allergies. It really depends on the combination of sufferer and dog.

To keep the allergen level in your house as low as possible and still enjoy a dog as your family member there are a few things you can do.

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1/ make sure the dog you choose is hypoallergenic (no shedding)

2/ you need a vacuum cleaner that can handle very small particle and pet hair. IF you need any tip for this click here.

hypoallergenic cleaning

3/ Make sure you wet dust the surfaces to keep allergens in your house to a bare minimum.

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How do you go about finding out if you can possibly have a border terrier as a pet. You will need to find a breeder that just breeds border terriers or at the very least only hypoallergenic breeds from this list.

Ask if you can come and visit. Make sure you take the family member that suffers from allergies and make sure they are on a low or no antihistamines on the day of your visit. Make sure they handle the dogs and puppies as much as the breeder allows. Stay for at least an hour just wandering around. Explain to the breeder what you are trying to achieve and if they are the right breeder for you they should be able to work with you.

Find out if you could possibly take an older puppy or dog on trial for a few days to see how you go with a dog in your house and if the allergy sufferer is ok with the dog in the house.

If that is not an option see if they got any other options for you.

The RSPCA or any other rescue place might be of help as well.

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