Festive Monikers: Over 300 Christmas Baby Name Ideas

If you’re expecting a little bundle of joy during the most wonderful time of the year, you might be considering a Christmas-inspired name. From names derived directly from the holiday to more subtle nods to the season, there are plenty of options to choose from. Let’s explore over 300 festive ideas to help you find the perfect moniker for your December baby.

Seasonal Inspiration

One way to choose a Christmas baby name is to look for inspiration from winter and Christmas themes. Some popular examples include Noelle, which means “Christmas” in French, and Holly, a festive plant associated with the holiday. Other options in this category are Natalie, meaning “birthday” (perfect for a Christmas birthday!), and Nicholas, after the beloved St. Nick.

You could also consider names like Frost, North, Lumi (Finnish for “snow”), Garland, or even Claus (as in Santa!). For girls, Eira (snow), Aneira (snow), Neva (snow), Flurry, Icicle, and Winter evoke the chill of the season. Boy names such as Evergreen, Fir, Pine, Spruce, Aspen, and Cypress are reminiscent of Christmas trees.

Biblical Origins

For those who want to honor the religious aspects of Christmas, names from the Nativity story are a meaningful choice. Mary and Joseph, the parents of Jesus, are classic options. Jesus itself, as well as Emmanuel (meaning “God with us”), are powerful choices. The Three Wise Men who visited the infant Jesus also offer unique name ideas: Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar.

Other biblical boy names with Christmas ties include Gabriel, Shepherd, Abner (father of light), Azariah (helped by God), Eleazar (helped by God), Ephraim (fruitful), Ezra (helper), Gideon (hewer), Hezekiah (God strengthens), Micah (who is like God), and Nathanael (God has given). For girls, you could consider Angelique, Beatrix (blessed), Charity, Gloria, Grace, Haven, Hope, Paloma (dove), or Esther (star).

International Christmas Name Variations

Christmas is celebrated around the world, and exploring international variations of festive names can provide some unique options. Noel or Noelle is “Christmas” in French, while Navidad is the Spanish equivalent. In Italian, you might consider Natale for a boy or Natalia for a girl. Natal or Natalina are Portuguese options, while Weihnacht (German) and Kerstmis (Dutch) also mean “Christmas.”

Other global Christmas name ideas include Seren (star in Welsh), Chiara (light in Italian), Bianca (white in Italian), Genevieve (white wave in French), Guinevere (white shadow in Welsh), Isolde (ice ruler in German), Kurisumasu (Japanese for Christmas), Milagros (miracles in Spanish), and Adetokunbo (Nigerian name referring to Christmas).

Subtle Yuletide Nods

If you want a name that’s less overtly Christmas-themed but still captures the essence of the season, consider names with meanings tied to Christmas concepts. Stella, Astra, Esther, and Seren all mean “star,” reminiscent of the Star of Bethlehem. Ivy is a green plant associated with Christmas decor. Lucia, Lucy, Chiara, and Lucius mean “light,” symbolizing the light of the world born on Christmas. Pax, Latin for “peace,” reflects the message of the season.

For boys, you could opt for Abner (father of light), Ambrose (immortal), Jasper, Oberon (elf ruler), or Rufus (red-haired). Girl names like Amethyst, Aura, Celeste (heavenly), Estelle (star), Felicity, Hermione (messenger), and Harmony also have subtle Christmas connotations.

Unique Spins on Classic Christmas Names

You can also put a modern twist on traditional Christmas names to create something unique. Kris, Kristopher, or Crispin are variations of Christopher, while Nico is a short form of Nicholas. Merry is a cheerful word associated with Christmas greetings, while Joy, Blythe, and Felicity capture the emotion of the season. Angelica, meaning “angelic,” is a feminine spin on Angel. Eve, referring to Christmas Eve, would make a lovely middle name.

For boys, you could consider Dolph or Rudolpha (Rudolph), Natale (Italian for Christmas), Noel, or Whittaker (white field). Chrissy, Christabel, Christina, and Kristina put a feminine twist on the classic Christmas name.

Multicultural Christmas Name Options

Honoring Christmas traditions across various cultures can also inspire some unique name choices. Milagros, Spanish for “miracles,” celebrates the miraculous events of the Nativity. Syed is an Arabic name sometimes given to boys born on Christmas. Adetokunbo is a Nigerian name that refers to Christmas, and Kurisumasu is the Japanese word for the holiday.

Other global Christmas name ideas include Clemence (French for mercy), Genevieve (French for white wave), Jacqueline (French for supplanter), Chiara (Italian for light), Bianca (Italian for white), Giovanna (Italian for “God is gracious”), Isolde (German for ice ruler), and Nieve (Spanish for snow). For boys, you could go with Magnus (great in Latin), Melchior (one of the Three Wise Men), Theophilus (friend of God in Greek), or Felix (happy in Latin).

Trending Christmas Celebrity Baby Names

Looking to celebrity baby names for inspiration? Some famous parents have chosen festive monikers for their December babies. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian named their son Saint, while chef Jamie Oliver chose the name Buddy for his son born on Christmas. Dwayne Wade’s daughter born in November is named Domenica, and rapper Tiny Harris named her daughter Heiress, born on Christmas.

Christmas Character Names

Many beloved Christmas characters and figures can also provide fun name inspiration. For girls, you could choose Clarice (Rudolph’s girlfriend), Vixen (one of Santa’s reindeer), Glinda (the good witch from The Wizard of Oz), or Ginger (a gingerbread character).

Boy names from Christmas lore include Donner, Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, and Dasher (Santa’s other reindeer), Ebenezer (A Christmas Carol’s Scrooge), Ives (as in the Christmas singer Jim Reilly), Frosty (the snowman), and Kris Kringle (Santa Claus himself).

Holiday Treat Names

For a super sweet name celebrating Christmas treats and flavors, you can’t go wrong with Candy, Cookie, Chestnut, Cane, Ginger, Honey, or Sugar for a girl. Cute boy options include Chestnut or the classic Christmas colors Holly (green) and Redmond (red).

Other holiday treat names are Calla (lily), Olive, Rosemary, Juniper, Saffron, Primrose, and Mabel for girls, or Jasper, Oren (pine tree), and Benton (blessed town) for boys.

Nature-Inspired Christmas Names

The beauty of winter and the natural elements associated with Christmas provide endless name inspiration. For girls, consider Ivy, Holly, Juniper, Posy (bouquet), Primrose, Rosemary, or Wren. Seasonal nature names for boys include Aspen, Cypress, Douglas (dark river), Forrest, Granger, Leif (beloved), and Whittaker (white field).

You could also opt for festive colors like Crimson, Ivory, Ruby, Scarlet, or Snow for girls, or Jasper, Redmond, or Rufus for boys. Celestial names like Aurora, Celeste, Stella, Astra, Esther, or Orion also evoke the starry skies of the winter solstice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some cool Christmas names?

Some cool and unique Christmas names include Frost, North, Lumi (Finnish for “snow”), Garland, Kris, Rudolpha, Vixen, Donner, Blitzen, Ebenezer, Kringle, Ivy, Juniper, Posy, Crimson, and Nyx (night).

What is a famous Christmas name?

Nicholas, after St. Nicholas or Santa Claus, is one of the most famous Christmas names. Other well-known options are Noelle, Natalie, Holly, Joseph, Mary, and Emmanuel.

What is a sweet Christmas name?

Sweet Christmas name ideas include Candy, Cookie, Ginger, Honey, Sugar, Chestnut, Cane, Calla, Rosemary, Juniper, Mabel, and Jasper. These names evoke the treats and flavors associated with the holiday season.

What is a festive name for a girl?

Some festive girl names are Holly, Noelle, Stella, Joy, Merry, Ivy, Lucia, Eve, Angelica, Clarice, Vixen, Mistletoe, Tinsel, Posy, Primrose, and Snow. You could also consider international variations like Navidad (Spanish), Natalia (Italian), or Genevieve (French).

Choosing a Christmas-inspired name for your December baby is a meaningful way to celebrate their special birthday. Whether you opt for a traditional name, a modern twist, or a unique multicultural option, the key is finding a name that feels both festive and timeless. With over 300 ideas to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect Christmas moniker for your little bundle of joy. Happy holiday naming!

300+ holiday names


  1. Angelique
  2. Aster (star)
  3. Aura
  4. Avery (elf leader)
  5. Bianca (white)
  6. Calla (lily)
  7. Candy
  8. Charity
  9. Chrissy
  10. Christiana
  11. Clarice
  12. Clemence
  13. Comet
  14. Dancer
  15. Dasher
  16. Dora (gift)
  17. Eira (snow)
  18. Elsa (consecrated to God)
  19. Estelle (star)
  20. Etta
  21. Fawn
  22. Felicity
  23. Flurry
  24. Gabriella
  25. Garland
  26. Genevieve
  27. Geraldine
  28. Ginger
  29. Gloria
  30. Grace
  31. Gwyneira (white snow)
  32. Halo
  33. Harmony
  34. Haven
  35. Holiday
  36. Hope
  37. Icicle
  38. Imelda
  39. Jacqueline (supplanter)
  40. Jemima (dove)
  41. Jovie
  42. Juniper
  43. Kerensa (love)
  44. Kris
  45. Kristina
  46. Lumi (snow)
  47. Mabel
  48. Marjorie
  49. Merry
  50. Milagros (miracles)
  51. Mistletoe
  52. Myrrh
  53. Natasha
  54. Neva (snow)
  55. Nicolette
  56. Noella
  57. North
  58. Olive
  59. Pace
  60. Paloma (dove)
  61. Prancer
  62. Robin
  63. Rosemary
  64. Rudolpha
  65. Seren (star)
  66. Snowy
  67. Tasha
  68. Tinsel
  69. Vixen
  70. Wren
  71. Yule


  1. Abraham
  2. Alban
  3. Alistair
  4. Balthasar
  5. Benton (blessed town)
  6. Blaise
  7. Buddy
  8. Cane
  9. Caspar
  10. Celyn (holly)
  11. Chestnut
  12. Christoph
  13. Claus
  14. Clement
  15. Comet
  16. Cornelius
  17. Cupid
  18. Dancer
  19. Dasher
  20. Dolph
  21. Donner
  22. Ebenezer
  23. Elden (hill)
  24. Elvin
  25. Emmanuel
  26. Epiphany
  27. Evergreen
  28. Fir
  29. Frost
  30. Gabriel
  31. Gideon
  32. Granger
  33. Harold
  34. Holly
  35. Ives
  36. Jasper
  37. Jingle
  38. Kris
  39. Lucian (light)
  40. Magnus
  41. Melchior
  42. Merrick (fame)
  43. Midnight
  44. Natale
  45. Navidad
  46. Noel
  47. North
  48. Oberon
  49. Oren (pine)
  50. Oswald
  51. Pax (peace)
  52. Pine
  53. Prancer
  54. Ralph
  55. Randolph
  56. Redmond
  57. Reginald
  58. Rudolph
  59. Shepherd
  60. Silvester
  61. Spruce
  62. Tannen
  63. Thaddeus
  64. Theophilus
  65. Tinsel
  66. Toby
  67. Vixen
  68. Wenceslas
  69. Winter
  70. Yule



  1. Amethyst
  2. Aneira (snow)
  3. Anwen (beautiful)
  4. Aster (star)
  5. Astra (of the stars)
  6. Avery (elf ruler)
  7. Beatrix (blessed)
  8. Bianca (white)
  9. Blythe (joy)
  10. Calla (lily)
  11. Celeste (heavenly)
  12. Chiara (light)
  13. Christabel
  14. Clemency
  15. Crimson
  16. Cypress
  17. Eira (snow)
  18. Elsa (pledged to God)
  19. Esther (star)
  20. Etta
  21. Fawn
  22. Fiona (white, fair)
  23. Fleur (flower)
  24. Freya (noble woman)
  25. Frost
  26. Genevieve (tribe woman)
  27. Gianna (God is gracious)
  28. Giovanna (God is gracious)
  29. Glinda (good, holy)
  30. Guinevere (white shadow)
  31. Gwyneira (white snow)
  32. Hermione (messenger)
  33. Icicle
  34. Idina (gentle)
  35. Isolde (ice ruler)
  36. Jessamine (jasmine flower)
  37. Juniper
  38. Lumi (snow)
  39. Mireille (admirable)
  40. Mistletoe
  41. Myrrh
  42. Neve (snow)
  43. Nieve (snow)
  44. Nyx (night)
  45. Opal
  46. Posy (bouquet)
  47. Primrose
  48. Seren (star)
  49. Saffron
  50. Snow


  1. Abner (father of light)
  2. Alban (white)
  3. Ambrose (immortal)
  4. Archer
  5. Aspen
  6. Azariah (helped by God)
  7. Balthasar
  8. Benton (blessed town)
  9. Blaze
  10. Boreas (north wind)
  11. Brendan (prince)
  12. Crispin (curly-haired)
  13. Cypress
  14. Dashiell (page)
  15. Donner
  16. Douglas (dark river)
  17. Ebenezer
  18. Eleazar (helped by God)
  19. Ephraim (fruitful)
  20. Everest
  21. Ezra (helper)
  22. Felix (happy)
  23. Fir
  24. Forest
  25. Forrest
  26. Frost
  27. Gideon (hewer)
  28. Godfrey (peace of God)
  29. Granger
  30. Hezekiah (God strengthens)
  31. Horatio (hour)
  32. Ignatius (fiery)
  33. Jasper
  34. Jethro (excellence)
  35. Kris
  36. Leif (beloved)
  37. Lior (light for me)
  38. Lucius (light)
  39. Magnus (great)
  40. Micah (who is like God)
  41. Nathanael (God has given)
  42. Noel
  43. Oberon
  44. Orion
  45. Oswald (divine power)
  46. Phineas (oracle)
  47. Quillon (cub)
  48. Rufus (red-haired)
  49. Sampson (sun)
  50. Whittaker (white field)