Christopher Masterson bio: Age, height, siblings, net worth

Those who grew up watching Malcolm in the Middle know who Christopher Masterson is. The actor, producer, and DJ played the role of Francis in the show. Throughout the series’ run, viewers got to witness his character development from a rebellious teenager to a responsible grown up with a job and wife. Far away from his on-screen persona, Chris Masterson is an accomplished celebrity with more than 45 acting credits to his name.

Christopher Masterson
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Christopher Kennedy Masterson has a lot to be proud of: he has a blossoming career, and he is quite popular. This is why many people would like to know more about the actor. Who is he behind the scenes?

Profile summary

  • Full name: Christopher Kennedy Masterson
  • Date of birth: January 22, 1980
  • Christopher Masterson age: 40 years old
  • Birthplace: Long Island, New York, United States of America
  • Birth sign: Aquarius
  • Parents: Peter and Carol Masterson
  • Siblings: Danny, Alanna, Jordan, and Will
  • Occupation: Actor, Producer, DJ
  • Christopher Masterson height: 5′ 9¼” (1.76 meters of 176 centimeters)
  • Weight: 68 kilograms
  • Religion: Scientology

Early life and family

Chris was born on January 22 in 1980 to Peter and Carol Masterson. How old is Christopher Masterson? He is currently 40 years old.

Chris Masterson
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His father worked as an insurance agent while his mother was a manager. The actor was born in Long Island, New York, in the United States of America. It is known that his parents got divorced in the early 1980s.

The Masterson family

Who is Christopher Masterson brother? Here are the details about Christopher Masterson siblings:

Danny Masterson

Danny Masterson is also an actor, just like Chris. He is famous for his roles in productions such as That ’70s Show, Dracula 2000, Face/Off, Yes Man, and many others.

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Danny was born on March 13, 1976 in Long Island, New York, USA. He has been married to Bijou Phillips since October 18, 2011. Danny is Chris’s elder brother.

Christopher and Danny both acted in Beethoven’s 2nd (1993). Danny played the leading role while Christopher had a small role in the film.

Unfortunately, when producers went to view the film, they noticed the siblings’ resemblance. All of Chris’s scenes, therefore, had to be reshot with another actor.

Alanna Masterson

Alanna is Christopher’s younger half-sister. She is an actress known for her roles in The Walking Dead, Mistresses, Grey’s Anatomy, The Young and The Restless, and many more.

She was born on June 27, 1988, in Long Island, New York, the USA to Carol Masterson and Joe Reaiche, a Lebanese Australian former rugby league player.

In November 2015, Alanna and her boyfriend, Brick Stowell, welcomed a daughter.

Jordan Masterson

Jordan was born on April 9, 1986, in Long Island, New York, USA, to Carol Masterson and Joe Reaichie as well. He is also an actor, known for his roles in Last Man Standing (2011), Greek (2010-2011) and The Beauty Inside (2012).

Will Masterson

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Will is Christopher’s paternal half-brother. Not much is known about him.


Chris started acting when he was just eight years old. He made his debut in 1988 in Hiroshima Maiden. He played the role of Timmy Bennett in the movie.

Christopher Masterson movies and TV shows

Here is a list of the movies and TV shows that the talented actor has starred in plus the roles he played in each:

  • Beneath the Leaves (2019) – George Middleton
  • I’d Like to Be Alone Now (2019) – Eddie
  • Mystic Cosmic Patrol (2017) – Jack / Blue Patrolman
  • Kat Fight! (2016) – Alex
  • Urge (2016) – Guy on Ferry (uncredited)
  • Bad Roomies (2015) – Trevor
  • Haven (2014) – Morgan Gardener
  • Onion News Empire (2013) – Sam West
  • Chapman (2013) – Paul Holt
  • Electric Sheep (2012) – Android
  • Men at Work (2012) – Archie
  • CollegeHumor Originals (2011) – The Whizzer
  • White Collar (2011) – Josh Roland
  • Impulse (2010) – David
  • Made for Each Other (2009) – Dan
  • The Art of Travel (2008) – Conner Layne
  • The Masquerade (2007) – Ken
  • Malcolm in the Middle (2000 – 2006): Christopher Masterson Malcolm in the Middle character was named Francis.
  • Dark Mind (2006) – Paul
  • Waterborne (2005) – Zach
  • MADtv (2004) – Lawyer
  • The Wild Thornberrys (2003 – 2004) – Shane G.
  • Wuthering Heights (2003) – Edward
  • Hold On (2002) (as himself)
  • The Dead Zone (2002) – Todd Paley
Image:, @itschrismastersonSource: UGC
  • That ’70s Show (2002) – Todd. The answer to ‘Who plays the cheese guy in That 70s Show?‘ is Chris Masterson.
  • Strange Frequency (2001) – Todd
  • Scary Movie 2 (2001) – Buddy
  • Nice Guys Finish Last (2001) – Billy
  • Strange Frequency (2001) – Todd (segment “My Generation”)
  • Dragonheart: A New Beginning (2000) – Geoff
  • American History X (1998) – Daryl Dawson
  • Girl (1998) – Richard
  • Millennium (1998) – Landon Bryce
  • The Pretender (1998) – Chris Conti
  • Ecce Pirate (1997) – Young Ecce
  • Touched by an Angel (1997) – Doc
  • My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997) – Scotty O’Neal
  • Campfire Tales (1997) – Eric (segment “The Campfire”)
  • The Sunchaser (1996) – Jimmy Reynolds
  • The Client (1996) – Tommy Powers
  • Cutthroat Island (1995) – Bowen
  • The Road Home (1994) – Sawyer
  • Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1994) – Lewis Bing
  • Murphy Brown (1993) – Avery at 13
  • Mom I Can Do It (1992) – Danny Morris
  • Singles (1992) – Steve at 10

Chris transitioned to DJing in the 2010s.

Awards and nominations

The actor has received one award win and one nomination:

  • In the year 2000, he won the YoungStar Award for Best Young Ensemble Cast – Television. This was for his role as Francis in Malcolm in the Middle. He shared the award with Frankie Muniz, Justin Berfield, and Erik Per Sullivan.
  • In 2001, he was nominated for a Young Artist Award under the Best Ensemble in a TV Series (Drama or Comedy) category. The nomination was shared with Frankie Muniz, Justin Berfield, Erik Per Sullivan, and Craig Lamar Traylor.
Christopher Masterson
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Dating history

Chris began dating Laura Prepon in 1999. The two were in a relationship until 2007. Laura is an actress who acted alongside Danny Masterson in That ’70s Show. While Danny played the role of Hyde in the show, Laura portrayed Donna.

While they were dating, Chris lived with Laura in Los Angeles.

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The actor then dated Arielle Vanderberg from 2008 to November 2009. He has also been rumored to have dated Rachael Leigh cook.

In the year 2015, he began dating Yolanda Pecoraro, and in June 2018, they got engaged. Yolanda dated Tom Cruise in the past.

Is Christopher Masterson gay? There is no information stating his sexual orientation.

Christopher Masterson net worth

His current net worth is $10 million. While his acting career is a significant contributor to his wealth, Chris also owns two restaurants with his brother Danny Masterson.

Christopher Masterson brother
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Is Christopher Masterson related to Neil Patrick Harris?

Despite the actors’ striking resemblance, they are not related.

Christopher Masterson quotes

  • I don’t really think about my future. I don’t really worry about anything. I just try not to spend all my money.
  • I have three brothers and a sister. One older and three younger. My oldest brother Danny plays Hyde on ‘That ’70s Show,’ and my younger brother Jordan and my sister Allanah act as well, so we’re a bit of an acting family.
  • When I was 11, I burned a field down by mistake. It was an empty field, probably about 10 acres in size. I and my friend were lighting firecrackers, and we ended up burning down the entire field. We got found out, and I think I was grounded for about three months.
  • I like many different kinds of music. My favorite band is Radiohead, and I’m also a giant Jeff Buckley fan.
  • Mostly I’ve been inspired by my mother. She is extremely driven and always makes every endeavor sound exciting. I think most of the things I’ve accomplished are a result of knowing her.

Christopher Masterson is known to many as Francis from Malcolm in the Middle. The celebrity is an accomplished actor whose contribution to the entertainment industry should be lauded.


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