Egyptian Pyramids

Egyptian pyramids are the tombs where the kings of Egypt rested for thousands of years. Up to now, about 80 tombs have been discovered, of which the most famous pyramid is Khufu’s Pyramid (Cheops). The bottom sides are 230m long (now 227m), the whole height of the tower is 146.5m (now 137m), the bottom angle of the tower is 51o51′, occupying an area of ​​about 52,900m2. This tower is built of 2,300,000 stones.

The design and construction of the pyramid has a lot to do with arithmetic, geometry, geography and astronomy, even we have to admit that civilization Science at that time was far beyond what we are today. The pyramids were built in the ancient 27th century BC, at that time the Egyptians only knew Thales’ equation and they completely did not know the property of right angles in right triangles, let alone the reduction of fractions.

And more than that, at that time, iron tools, dynamite, wheels, winch shafts had not yet been invented. In such impoverished and underdeveloped conditions, they could not have had excellent or sophisticated engineering works, yet they calculated so accurately that the error in the lengths of the sides of the pyramids was less than 20cm, while the error of the height of the southeast corner with the northwest corner fluctuates only 1.27cm. If based on the working conditions at that time, scientists have calculated that at least 10 million people must have worked hard for 10 years.

You should also know that the world population at that time was only 20 million. In addition, the structure of the pyramids is very reasonable, that’s why even after hundreds of thousands of years with many events: floods, earthquakes, natural disasters, the pyramids still stand majestically. , not deformed.Each pyramid is arranged according to the position of a certain star; such as the pyramid of Khufu whose height squared is equal to the triangular area of ​​each face; If we take the sum of the lengths of the 4 base sides and divide it by 2 times the height, we get 3.14 which is equivalent to the value of pi, and if we multiply the height by 1 billion, the equivalent of the distance from the sun to the earth is divided into 2 parts. equally: oceans and continents.

In short, the pyramid is an architectural work that shows a great level of science and technology and is extremely quintessential, which is also the crystallization of extraordinary wisdom. Architectural scientists still can’t help but be shocked because they think that today, even if we gather all the best architects in the world and use the most advanced equipment, we still can’t complete it. Such a majestic and mysterious project.

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