Facts About Londa Butler – Know as a Miserable Mother of NBA&39s Jimmy Butler

Londa Butler is the biological mother of notable NBA player Jimmy Butler. he has played for reputed basketball teams like the Chicago Bulls, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Philadelphia and is currently playing for Miami Heat.

Butler is often known for her inhumane act toward her biological son Jimmy. To know more about Londa Butler, stay with us.

Londa Early Life

Londa gave birth to her son Jimmy Butler on 14 Sep1989 in a small city called Tomball, Texas, USA.

When Butler was just a Kid, his father died, and Londa was left as the single widowed mother. She is an American citizen.

Londa Butler with her son.

Talking about Londa’s educational background, she attended Lone star college in Houston, Texas.

Londa is a very harsh person.

When Jimmy turned 13, he was interested in playing sports, but he never got any support from his biological family. As Butler didn’t like a bit of it, she kicked her blood out of their home in Houston.

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Her last words to her underage son were, “I don’t like the look of you. You gotta go.”

Jimmy was just 13 when he faced homelessness. During his middle school and high school, he slept in his teammate’s and friends’ homes.

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Londa’s son’s Estimated net worth

Londa must have earned a certain amount of net worth. She hasn’t revealed his actual net worth. Similarly, Londa’s sources of earning income are also unknown.

On the other hand, Londa’s son has earned massive net worth. The estimated net worth of Jimmy Butler is to be around $60 million. He is a self-made millionaire through his hard work and determination. He is involved in various endorsements and has his own YouTube channel with lots of followers.

Jimmy is a professional basketball player who debuted in 2011, and since then, he has kept rising to more and more fame. Through his career as a professional basketball, he can earn a huge net worth, yet he lives a simple and down-to-earth life. He has earned about $3 million through different sponsorship deals.

Similarly, Jimmy received a salary of $32.7 million. Butler earned his second-highest in 2018 after signing a $92 million contract. Moreover, Also, it had a $4.6 million signing bonus for five years. In 2019, Butler earned his highest ever career contract.

maxresdefault (1)-1653219697122.jpg
Jimmy Butler lifestyle.

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He agreed to a sign-and-trade agreement with the Philadelphia 76ers to join Miami. The deal was worth $142 Million spanning four years. Londa’s son had bought a house for $4.3 million in River North place, located at 456 West Huron in Chicago.

Similarly, he owned the mansion after signing a multi-million deal with the Bulls. The house is 10,000 square-foot River North mansion. Jimmy has owned a lot of luxurious homes. As per reports, Jimmy doesn’t like driving luxurious cars. But, he is often seen driving a 2017 Toyota Sienna, whose value is $29,750. Through this, Jimmy and his mother live a lavish lifestyle in their hometown.

Jimmy Professional Career

Londa Butler’s son Jimmy is a strong person; even when her mother abandoned her as a teenager, he never let it affect his career. After years of hard work, he became a professional basketball player and is now shining in the Basketball world.

He has played for well-known teams in the NBA like the Chicago Bulls, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Philadelphia. In 2019 he started to play for Miami Heat.

Londa Bulter Married Life and relationship.

Londa is a married lady. However, Her husband’s name is unknown. From their marriage, the couple has blessed kids named Jimmy Bulter. Londa must have had a good time with her husband.

Butler’s son’s life after abandonment

After abandonment by Londa, Jimmy had to struggle a lot. Jimmy was just 13 and had to study and look after himself and Went on living here and there before meeting Jordan Lesli. It was like a blessing for Jimmy when he met Jordan. They hit it off quickly and became best friends. J

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Jordan let Jimmy stay in his home for some time, and during those times, Jordan’s mother welcomed Jimmy with open arms as her son.

Jimmy Butler with his loving mother Michelle.
Jimmy Butler with his loving mother, Michelle.

Even if Michelle had seven children to look after, she looked after Jimmy and provided the home he deserved. Michelle got one more child to whom she could give her love, and Jimmy got a mother he could never ask for.

Even if Jimmy had a harsh traumatic life because of his biological mother, it is a blessing that he could find a home where he was loved and supported.

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Physical Appearances

Londa Butler stands an average height. She has got brown hair as well as brown eyes. Her weight is still unknown.

Talking about her son, Jimmy is an athletic player. He has a well-mentioned body. Jimmy stands at the height of 6 feet 7 inches and weighs about 104 kg. Londa’s son has dark brown eyes colour with black hair colour.

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