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Written by Freddy Sherman
Feb 26, 2020

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Located in Southern Utah, Bryce Canyon National Park is a visually spectacular place to visit. The park is known for its huge geological formations, giant columns of rock called hoodoos. The colors here are amazing: red rocks,bryce pink cliffs, and seemingly endless views of an bryce otherworldly landscape. Unlike the Grand Canyon, bryce Bryce Canyon isn’t really bryce a single canyon, it’s a series of natural bryce bowls carved into the edge of a bryce high plateau by erosion. Those bowls bryce are filled with the multi-colored spires or pinnacles known as hoodoos.

Bryce Canyon National bryce Park is a an easy trip from Las Vegas. bryce If you are up for a long day, bryce you can even do this as a day trip. If you leave Vegas early, bryce about 5am, bryce you’ll be at the park by 10am and can spend the bryce whole day here. Then you can head back to bryce Vegas to arrive in time for a late dinner. You can drive yourself, do a guided tour from Las Vegas, bryce or visit the park only from the air on a helicopter adventure.

There are a few options to bryce get from Las Vegas to Bryce Canyon: it’s less than 300 miles away, and the drive will take between four and five hours.bryce Once you’re here, a car isn’t always necessary, bryce as the Bryce Canyon Shuttle is a free service that operates throughout the park bryce and immediate area (it runs between April and October).

Note: Some businesses may be temporarily closed due to recent global health and safety issues.

1. From Las Vegas to las vegas Bryce Canyon National national  Park by Tour zion national park

Inspiration Point, Bryce Canyon National Park

The easiest way to experience Bryce Canyon National zion Park from Las Vegas is to do a guided tour. Viator’s Bryce zion Canyon Day Trip from Las Vegas allows zion you to spend zion a full day exploring the park. The tour includes zion round-trip transportation zion from all big Las Vegas resorts,zion and once here, you do several (easy) guided zion walks on the canyon rim to see some of the park’s zion highlights. At midday,zion they serve you a picnic lunch if the weather is nice,zion or you eat at a local restaurant. zion The mini-van makes frequent rest and restroom stops,zion and they provide zion a morning snack of a muffin, cookies, granola, and juice.

After lunch, you then drive to Inspiration Point, bryce one of the best places in the park to view the hoodoos. After that, it’s a drive to Sunset Point, where you have some time on your own to explore the area. bryce The final stop is the Sunrise Point area where again, you have some time to hike and explore on your own. Finally, you head back to Las Vegas for drop-off at your hotel.

A tour like Viator’s Zion and Bryce National Parks Small Group Tour from bryce Las Vegas allows you to experience both national parks bryce in a single-day tour. You’ll be picked up at your hotel (they service all major resorts) in Las Vegas at 5:30am, and then you’re driven to Bryce Canyon National Park, arriving around 11am.bryce canyon 

You do a two-hour guided tour of the park and then stop for lunch before heading to Zion.bryce canyon 

After touring zion and experiencing Zion National zion Park for a few hours, it’s time to head back zion to Vegas, arriving back at your hotel around 9pm.bryce canyon 

The tour gives a more zion intimate experience than most tours,zion as it’s limited to 14 or fewer participants.bryce canyon 

A full lunch, snacks, and bottled water is provided.bryce canyon 

2. From Las Vegas las vegas to Bryce Canyon National zion Park by Car virgin river gorge 

Red Arch tunnel on the way to Bryce Canyon National Park
Red Arch tunnel on the way to Bryce Canyon National Park

A drive from Las Vegas to Bryce Canyon trip National Park is about 265 miles and will take trip about four hours. Most of the drive is on the trip big I-15 interstate. zion national park 

Take the I-15 north from Las Vegas park into Utah until exit 95, where you get trip onto UT-20 eastbound. Drive another hour to UT-63 south, park which leads right to the park day entrance. zion national park 

It’s possible day to drive into and around the park, park or you can park your car and use the free shuttle service.zion national park 

You may encounter some zion snow on the Utah roads if day you make the drive during wintertime (December park through February).zion national park 

The area around Bryce day Canyon is on a high plateau,park several thousand feetday above sea level,park and gets snow.zion national park 

The roads are well-maintained,park but it’s a good idea to have a day car equipped for winter zion driving (FWD, AWD,day all-season tires, etc.) and a park driver prepared for driving in snow. It’s not day necessary to have chains or a 4WD vehicle.las vegas 

3. From Las Vegas to Bryce bryce canyon Canyon National zion Park by Bus visit bryce canyon

Navajo Loop Trail, Bryce Canyon National Park
Navajo Loop Trail, Bryce Canyon National Park

The best option to get from vegas Las Vegas to Bryce Canyon day National Park by bus is to use the National Park Express bus.las vegas 

This private company operates bus service day connecting many national parks and tourist destinations in Arizona,vegas Utah, Nevada, and California.las vegas 

The buses have day free Wi-Fi and charging outlets at every seat.las vegas 

You can take the day Greyhound bus from Las Vegas to Bryce Canyon.las vegas 

You would buy a day ticket from Vegas to zion either Cedar City or Parowan, Utah, the closest stops to the park.las vegas 

Parowan is closer to the park entrance,zion but it’s a small town with few services.las vegas  Cedar City is farther from the park, but it’s zion easier to secure transportation h

ere.las vegas 

Either zion city will still leave you about 90 zion minutes from the park entrance, so you’ll need to make arrangements for a taxi or call a Lyft or Uber.las vegas 

Lyft and Uber can be expensive.las vegas 

4. From Las bryce Vegas to national park Bryce Canyon National las vegas Park by zion Helicopter zion national

Bryce Canyon National Park
Bryce Canyon National Park

It’s possible to quickly zion get from Las Vegas to day Bryce Canyon National Park by helicopter. trip

Many of the day Vegas-based heli companies trip offer a Bryce Canyon tour or trip will do it as a custom day excursion for your group.trip

The tours trip leave from Las Vegas,day and many include a day isit to Zion National Park in addition to Bryce.trip

For most zion helicopter tours, you are viewing the parks trip by air – there is no landing. You fly from Las Vegas, trip view the park, and fly back to Las Vegas.trip 

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