Hunt Intelligent Aliens

On March 3, 1972 and April 6, 1973, the US launched two Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft. Their main mission is to search for space civilization. Both spacecraft also carry 1 letter “inquiry” the same. This letter denotes Earthlings’ concern for extraterrestrial beings. This “letter” is made from a flat and flat piece of gold, this is a masterpiece created by American scientists using special technologies. The letter is 13.5cm long, 7.5cm wide, guaranteed not to metamorphose or deform in tens of billions of years, even hundreds of billions of years, and at the same time help readers read the content visually.

The letter is self-introduction: they use 14 radiation rays representing 14 pulsating stars, below draw a picture of the Sun and 9 planets, through this image, scientists want to send them a message that Earth The Earth is located opposite the Sun, and also describes the relationship between the planets in the solar system as well as their positions in the Milky Way. They then used two circles to represent the molecular structure of the element. In addition, the letter also clearly states the orbit of the “letter”, in which the starting point is on the 3rd planet in the solar system – earth.

The back of the letter is an introduction to the Earth and the spacecraft in miniature form, and there is a nude picture of a man and a woman to introduce the aliens to the characteristics of Earth people, and more. The man’s raised hand is very goodwill, which implies that we extraterrestrials are very welcome to visit. Scientists have been watching continuously on screens for every movement at the probe center for the past 20 years, and even when the spacecraft has flowed out of the solar system, we have not received a good signal so far. In August and September 1977, the US launched two probes named Voyager (Travel) 1 and 2.

These two devices after visiting Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and orbiting the solar system, they flew out of the solar system in August and September 1989, after which they flew towards Uranus. These two probes are made up of 650,000 components, weighing 820 kg, inside contain 12 types of probes of different sciences. One is a photographic device, the other is a space condition probe; one machine is a radio transmitter. After the two probes left Earth, they discovered many important things. For example, the discovery on Jupiter has 3 satellites and even an active volcano; discovered on Saturn that there are thousands upon thousands of rings of light on Saturn that act as drizzles that clean Saturn’s atmosphere; they are also detected in the cloudy and windy atmosphere of Uranus; and both ring lights and 10 satellites.

Voyager 1 also took a panoramic picture of the “big family” of the Solar System on February 13, 1990. These two probes also carry many gifts of the Earth. Among them is a set of records called “Sounds of the Earth”, including a telegram signed by the US president himself at the time to the aliens, this telegram and other records were recorded on a brass record. gilded. This record is researched and manufactured by the scientists themselves, with a diameter of 30.5cm. Inside contains many meaningful content about the Earth’s situation, such as drawings, real sounds, 27 world famous songs, performed in nearly 60 different languages, divided into two sides AB and including 4 parts. Among the gifts was a phonograph, which was tightly fixed. Even the manual on how to use it
engraved with an electronic pen. This machine can sing continuously for 2 hours for 10 billion years. In the record “Sound of the Earth” spent 18 minutes to introduce briefly about the United States and the Earth situation. Next was a telegram from US President Carter, then a congratulatory message from the then UN Secretary General. Next is greetings in 60 different languages. Including Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Zhejiang (China). In addition, there is also the greeting of the crocodile, signifying the friendly hearts of other creatures on Earth for the aliens. Part 2 of the disc spends 12 minutes recording nearly 35 different types of sounds in the album.

Naturally, there is not only the sound of rain, wind, volcano, but also the sound of operating machinery, the sound of babies crying, the sound of kissing, the sound of birds, animals, insects, sniffing sounds. breathing, heartbeat, etc.. Part 3 of the disc spends 90 minutes on famous songs from antiquity that scientists have carefully selected. Among them are the Chinese opera and the classical fun song “Water flows in the high mountains”. The B-side of the record contains 116 paintings and drawings. Scientists apply the form of signals, graphical codes, through audio frequency signals to create pictures. The paintings introduce the Earth’s position in the universe, introduce animals in nature, plants, knowledge, work and human creatures. However, “Pioneer” and “Voyager” have to take 147-155,000 years to reach other stars.

So even if some aliens receive this record and send a signal to us, it will take 147-155,000 years to receive it. But there are also many scientists who are not satisfied with the type. this exploration; they are constantly looking for the most advanced and modern scientific methods to quickly achieve results. On March 13, 1996, a group of scientists in Spain announced to the whole world: Outside the system If the sun comes out, there is sure to be life elsewhere; And within 25 years, we will surely discover the existence of extraterrestrial beings. In the past few years, mankind has continuously discovered many new planets thanks to the birth of new telescopes with strong penetrating power and further vision. According to scientists, the current problem is not whether we detect any form of alien existence on extraterrestrial planets, but when we find out. .August 1998, American astronomers announced: They have discovered near the star “Gliese 876” another planet, only 15 light years from the Sun.

This is the closest planet beyond our solar system that we have discovered so far. Professor Jeoffrey Marry of the University of San Francisco once said: the Milky Way contains 10 trillion stars, of which the most is the star of Khen Ai. Now astronomers know that even though these stars are small, they have planets of their own. So it is entirely possible to speculate that in the Milky Way galaxy there are at least a few hundred billion planets. It is this speculation that shows us that the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial beings is very large.

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