Is Pedro Pascal Gay? – The Little Facts

Pedro Pascal is a celebrated actor born on 2nd April 1975 in Santiago, Chile. Pascal’s real name is Jose Pedro Balmaceda Pascal. Pascal’s parents worked in the healthcare industry. He grew up alongside his siblings Javier, Nicholas, and Lux. Pedro is the second born in a family of six members, his elder sister is called Javier. Pedro’s younger sibling, Lux, is also in the entertainment industry as an actress.

Pedro Pascal came into the limelight by playing a role in season 4 of Game of Thrones as Oberyn Mattel. Before that, he played numerous roles as a featured actor in films and television series such as The Good Wife, Homeland, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, among others.

Pedro prefers to keep his personal life private and is not currently in a relationship. His support to the LGBTQ community has fueled speculation among his fans, with many wondering, ‘’is Pedro Pascal gay?’’. However, Pascal has not ruled out these rumors publicly but continues to advocate for transgender rights through his social media handles. If you are his fan, keep on reading this article that gives detailed information about his life.

Pascal’s Early Life

Pedro grew up attending Bradford School for his formal education. He then joined Orange Region School of the Arts and later Tisch School of the Arts. He perfected his acting skills while there and graduated in 1997.

Pascal began his acting career in the late 1990s by undertaking guest roles in various television and film series. Some of them include Regulation & Order, The Mentalist, and the Great Better Half. His acting skills improved, enabling him to undertake major roles in successive years. In 2013, Pedro undertook a role in the HBO series dubbed Game of Thrones that gave him fame in the entertainment industry.

His character as Oberyn Martell opened doors, giving him the much-needed platform to grow his career in acting. Pascal has been a force to reckon with in the industry featuring in various remarkable films such as Narcos (Javier Pena), The Mandalorian( D Djarin), and the Home Movie: The Princess Bride( Inigo Montoya).

Pedro has an incredible work ethic that has enabled his brilliance in movies to get recognition. He has won awards such as Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award as well as Garland Award. He lives in New York and continues to feature in various acting roles.

Is Pedro Pascal gay?

No. Pedro is not gay but a strong believer in their rights. Although he has maintained a low profile concerning his romantic relationships, he has previously dated female celebrities. Pascal was rumored to have a romantic relationship with fellow actor Lena Headey.

Although both did not respond to the media when queried about their affair, Pascal and Lena were spotted having quality time together. Lena and Pedro featured prominently in the Game of Thrones film that debuted in 2014.

Speculation about their relationship spread after Headey announced that she was expecting her second child. However, Lena brushed off the rumors by confirming that Dan Cadan was the biological father of her child.

Pascal has been pushing for the rights of the LGBTQ community through his social media handles. He welcomed his sister’s revelation as a transgender person in an Instagram post. Pedro has been branded an ally of the LGBTQ community following his continuous involvement in their activities.

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