Kountry Wayne net worth 2022: Early Life, Biography, and Family

Kountry Wayne net worth 2022: Kountry Wayne has a net worth of $2.5 million. Wayne is an American comedian and media figure who is best known for a hilarious sketch that he shared on social media. Wayne Colley is the comedian’s true name. Some people also refer to him as King Country Wayne.

Early Life

Wayne Colley, also known as Kountry Wayne, was born in Waynesboro, Georgia, on December 9, 1987. He was born in the United States and is of African-American origin.

With his four siblings, he grew up. He has no sisters and all of his siblings are brothers. Crenshaw Colley, Prince Tay, QB, and D’Arby are the names of his four brothers.

He hasn’t revealed much information about his parents. In an interview, he said that his father was both mentally and financially supportive of him. His father’s name has yet to be revealed. His father, on the other hand, is claimed to have spent some time in prison.

Moving on to his schooling, he graduated from Jenkins County High School in Georgia with a high school diploma. Wayne did not finish his schooling after high school, according to explore celeb.

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Kountry Wayne Net Worth Growth


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Kountry Wayne, aka “Kountry Wayne,” isn’t your typical stand-up comic. If you asked him to define himself, he’d say he’s a reserved vegan father of eight who only wants the best for his children. Wayne, a native of Millen, Georgia, grew up dreaming of becoming a super-star rapper, but his dreams were dashed when he uploaded a video to Facebook and became a viral phenomenon overnight.

Wayne took on his newfound celebrity straight on, growing his Facebook and Instagram following to over 4 million people by posting fantastic stuff on a regular basis.

What is Kountry Wayne net worth?

$2.5 MillionWayne Colley34 Years$100KUnited States

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Wayne, never one to say no to a fan, accepted their invitation to perform standup comedy. He began performing in small bars in Atlanta, and by 2016, he had completed a 45-city sold-out tour (2016 Child Support Tour). Wayne has performed year-round since then, often selling out clubs and theatres across the country to a diverse, wide-ranging audience with his distinctive style of high-energy, faith-based, and clean content.

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Wayne is still based in South Georgia, where he runs two thriving businesses in addition to his internet and mobile presence. Wayne will undoubtedly continue to make people laugh for years to come, thanks to his humble beginnings and boundless enthusiasm.

Personal Life

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Kountry’s love life is a tangled mess. He’s had three children with three different women. He also has roughly ten children as of 2021, which he shares with many baby moms. Among fans, Kountry Wayne’s relationship with Gena Colley is more popular than his relationships with other women.Gena Colley, Kountry’s wife, was his life partner.

Melissa and Honest Dream Colley are the children of the former couple, who married in 2017 and have two beautiful children together. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce in 2019 owing to Kountry’s extramarital involvement with standup comedian Jess Hilarious.

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Kountry Wayne also became a father for the first time at the age of 17 when he and his college girlfriend welcomed a child. He had two children by the time he was 19 years old. He currently has ten children.Temar Colley, Melissa Colley, Honest Colley, Tony Colley, Christiana, and others are some of his children’s names.According to Kountry Wayne, being a father at a young age encouraged him to strive hard towards his purpose.


$2.5 MillionWayne Colley34 Years5.7 feet ( 170 cm )70 Kg154 lbsStandup ComedianDecember 9, 1987Waynesboro, Georgia, United StatesAmerican$100K+ (per year)Gena Colley (Ex wife)


Kountry Wayne has loved singing and the music industry since he was a child. However, despite his best efforts, he was unsuccessful in the music industry.

Later, he discovered that comedy is the best fit for him. In 2014, he was the first to post a comedic video on Facebook. Fortunately, his very first video became viral, which helped him gain confidence. He has never questioned whether or not he should continue as a standup comic since then.

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Aside from humour, he is also an actor who has acted in a number of films and television shows. Kevin Evans in The Turnaround (2017) and Wild Bill in Holiday Heartbreak are two of his notable movie characters (2020). He also starred in the 2016 film Brazilian Wavy as the character of Man in Barbershop. DJ Smallz Eyes and Wild ‘N Out are two of his TV shows worth mentioning.

Social Media Appearence

On social media platforms, Social Media Korea is extremely popular. He has around 7 million Facebook fans, over 3 million Instagram followers, and approximately 4 million YouTube subscribers. Since releasing his first video in 2014, his fan base has risen.

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