LaKeith Stanfield Net Worth – How much is LaKeith Stanfield worth?

Knives Out actor LaKeith Stanfield has impressed the audience with his talent for about six years alone. Yet he is doing very well for himself and he continues to choose roles that set him apart from the rest of the Hollywood platoon. Here is a look at his personal life and his estimated assets.

Stanfield is one of those actors who started to blow up from the first time he appeared on the screen. His very first acting performance was the critically acclaimed short film 12, and from there it only got better for him.

Some of his biggest credits (but let’s be real, they’re all big) are Semla, Dope, Straight Outta Compton, Snowden, and Get Out – all of which were released within three years. LaKeith Stanfield had his first lead role in the crazy sci-fi satire Sorry to Bother You, and he continues to play the lead role in the celebrated FX series Atlanta.

In addition to being an actor, Stanfield (who was credited earlier in his career as Keith Stanfield is a rapper, although he seems to do this more as a hobby and when it works in conjunction with his acting roles, such as Short Term 12.

LaKeith Stanfield, who has many siblings (including LaGareth, above) also has an interesting hobby to delete his Instagram. He will post several photos or videos one after the other, then simply delete them and start over with the same account.

Stanfield is dating this famous actress

LaKeith Stanfield has had a relationship with Xosha Roquemore for years. The couple first appeared at the world premiere of Straight Outta Compton in Los Angeles in August 2015, so we know they have been together for at least four years.

You may recognize Roquemore by her role as nurse Tamra Webb in the long-running comedy The Mindy Project. She has also played roles in films such as G.B.F. and the female brain. More recently, Roquemore Geena Williams-Conner (wife of D.J.) played in the revival of Roseanne and returned as comedian Dawn Lima in the Showtime series I’t Dying Up Here.

Do they have any children?

Stanfield and Roquemore have been together for some time. However, they are not married, as Roquemore has had to point out several times on social media for those who do not pay attention.

But the couple has a child together. They have a daughter, born in June 2017. Both Roquemore and LaKeith Stanfield keep their personal lives largely personal, because they have never revealed their daughter’s name to the press or on social media.

LaKeith Stanfield Net Worth

The net assets of Stanfield are largely unknown. Some websites estimate around $ 400 thousand, while others are closer to $ 1 million. CelebsTrendNow writes that it can be anywhere between $ 100K- $ 1 million. Given that he is still relatively new in the industry, there is a lot of guesswork to do.

However, we do know that LaKeith Stanfield has made many films with a high yield. Straight Outta Compton earned more than $ 200 million, just like Get Out. Sorry to bother you. You earned about $ 17 million. And if his new film, Knives Out, is doing just as well in the register as the reviews of the Toronto International Film Festival suggest it should be, he looks into much more wealth-generating roles in the future.

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