Mayan Mysteries

MYSTERY ABOUT THE MAYA The Mayans, also known as the “Central American Indians”, lived in the 4th-9th centuries BC. Their level of development makes us unable to believe that the cultural level of that era was so high. Not only did they learn that the Venusian year has 584 days, the Earth year has 365,242 days; Their results are so accurate that if we compare the results we find today, they are only close to 0.0002 days.

In addition, they left us with astronomical calculations valid for up to 64,000,000 years. Who are they? Live where? They are a tribe of only about 20,000,000 people, concentrated in the remote jungle, but naturally created the famous “Venus formula”: The Moon year has 260 days, the Earth year has 365 days. , the year of Venus has 584. The divisors inside these numbers are even more surprising: for example, if we divide 365 by 73, we get 5,584 and divide this number by 73, we get 8.

Formula as follows: Moon: 20 x 13 x 2 x 73 = 260 x 2 x 73 = 37,960 Sun: 8 x 13 x 5 x 73 = 104 x 5 x 73 = 37,960 Venus: 5 x 13 x 8 x 73 = 65 x 8 x 73 = 37,960 The periods of all the stars are 37960; It means that on this day we will coincide. Based on this discovery, the Mayans declared, until then “the gods” will choose this land to rest. Indeed at a wild time. but the Mayans were able to invent the set (21) and also built many great pyramids. Their precise knowledge of Uranus and Neptune leaves us wondering: are they descendants of Venusians?
The Mayans worshiped the “feathered serpent god,” and this god appears in almost all structures.

They believe that the feathered serpent god comes from a country where the Sun appears, he wears a white robe and has a long beard. God prescribed a set of laws for the people, from which the Maya people lived more disciplined. He also understands science, art and knows many good customs, and at the same time, he also helps the Maya people to grow food and cotton for fiber. It is thanks to God that the Maya people have food to eat and wear. After doing many things to help the Maya people, I sailed to Venus, before leaving I promised to return. Therefore, the invisible Maya built many pyramids bearing the image of the feathered serpent god at Atlantis. In 1935, an archaeologist discovered a stone sculpture. The characters on the stone are very similar to a person riding a motorbike.

However, that motorbike resembles a rocket, because it has a compartment door, and there is a fire in the rear. The rider’s outfit is very similar to the clothes of today’s astronauts. The character on the stone is very intently looking at the things in front of him. Many scientists around the world believe that this is a Mayan flying device. The land the Maya chose to live in also makes us wonder. Some of them built the city right in the forest, surrounded by natural water sources, but they also built huge reservoirs. From this phenomenon, many people doubt and wonder if these are the means of transportation for the snake god?

Besides, the Mayans also have 1 more remarkable point, which is around after 600 BC, it seems. as if they had left behind no other buildings, moreover, suddenly they had left the fortified city that they had spent so much time building; they gave up both the precious cultural heritage and put an end to the glorious Mayan culture. This sudden change has really caused a headache for archaeologists. They put forward a lot of theories, in short, there are 3 main ideas: One is the “invaded” hypothesis. But at that time the Maya people were a strong nation with no equal, moreover, there was no trace to prove that there was a war in this land. The second hypothesis is “due to extreme climate change”. But, again, no one has found evidence to prove that this land is subject to natural disasters, fires…

The third theory is “due to a raging epidemic”, but like the two above theories, the third hypothesis is This theory is not convincing. In the 70s, a new theory appeared. The Mayan ancestors once met “God”, and the god promised that if the Maya people finished building the architecture according to the cycle of the calendar, the god would return. It is this promise that the Maya people have built many temples and pyramids, with the expectation that the feathered serpent god will return to reign. But wait and wait… they still don’t see the “god” appear. Frustrated and then cynical, they wondered if it was an error in the calendar year or not? Finally, in a state of despair and confusion, they decided to leave that land, they went on and on and on and finally stopped in Central America.

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