Meet Anna Strout, Jesse Eisenberg’s Wife Who Has a Family History of Helping Others

Anna Strout is Jesse Eisenberg’s wife, who is also working in the entertainment industry. However, Anna focuses on activist work beyond her typical job and tries to involve her husband.

Anna Strout is Jesse Eisenberg’s wife and the mother of his son. Although details of the actor’s life are kept private, there are things known about their relationship. The pair has been together since 2002 but had on and off moments in their relationship.

Anna has also worked in the entertainment industry, but her career is dedicated to helping others follow their family tradition. Here’s more about Strout.


Although Anna’s age is not disclosed to the public, her husband previously mentioned that she is older than he. She grew up in Bloomington, Indiana, which Eisenberg described as “the most unusual place I’ve ever been.” He added:

“My wife grew up here, so I Had heard about it for a long time, but living here, just on our block, you have the world’s best-hammered dulcimer player […]. The most interesting people in the world go to these college towns.”

The couple relocated to Bloomington in 2016 to be near Anna’s mother, Toby, the former executive director of Middle Way House. She has played a significant role in her daughter’s upbringing, especially Anna’s mindset toward pressing issues. Anna grew up with no television set, which is why her husband believes “she has no sense of popular culture.”

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Toby started becoming an activist when she joined a protest against discrimination at 11. Her efforts to make a change carried over to her career, such that she worked in Middle Way House, a resource center and shelter for sexual assault and domestic violence victims.

When Anna was old enough, her mother brought her to rallies, marches, and similar events to experience how activists help and fight for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. Anna said of her mom:

“She empowered and challenged others through personal conversations, public speaking, and simply being herself.”

Anna’s mother undoubtedly motivated and inspired her to be a voice of hope as well. Now, her husband has become involved in such movements. Toby’s husband also described her life’s work as “what one individual could do to bring about significant radical change.”

Eisenberg tied the knot with Strout in 2017 and said he married into a “socially progressive family.” Strout’s brother, Anthony Arnove, edited the book “Voices of a People’s History of the United States.” He also wrote the book “The People Speak Ireland.”

Apart from being an activist, Anna is also a producer, working as an assistant in films like “Don’t Say a Word,” “The Emperor’s Club,” and “Fire and Ice: The Winter War of Finland and Russia.”

According to Eisenberg, Anna’s work has brought him and their child to different places. “She works at different non-profits and teaches in New York City at a non-profit,” he said. She also went to Ireland to help launch an event called The People Speak Ireland, which talked about local political protests.


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The couple met on the set of “The Emperor’s Club” and reportedly started dating in 2002 but parted ways in 2012 for unknown reasons. Eisenberg confirmed that Anna was his first girlfriend in a 2011 interview when he struggled to share relationship advice.

Eisenberg pointed out that he’d had “one girlfriend [his] whole life” and had never been on a date with anybody else, so his only advice was, “just be nice.”

In 2013, Eisenberg and fellow actress Mia Wasikowska, who met on the set of “The Double,” became an item. They were spotted together in Toronto kissing at an outside coffee shop.

Wasikowska and Eisenberg’s relationship was quiet but seemed promising as they were photographed together (and showing some PDA) a few more times.

In November 2014, for example, they were holding hands and kissing at Los Angeles International Airport before a flight. Eisenberg was Wasikowska’s first public boyfriend. However, they parted ways around 2015.

Eisenberg and Anna reconnected later that year when the actor volunteered for four months at an Indiana domestic violence shelter run by Strout’s mother.

Eisenberg helped raise enough money to pay off the shelter’s mortgage during his time there. While he’s very private, he said in 2011 that those who want to help others are the “the most interesting” people.

Since Anna’s mom ran the domestic violence shelter for 35 years, it is fair to say that Eisenberg was referring to his then-girlfriend and her family.

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In October 2016, it was reported that Anna was expecting a child. When Anna and Eisenberg’s son, Banner, was born, they didn’t make any announcements.

Banner’s birth was confirmed in April 2017 when Anna and Eisenberg were spotted with their baby in NYC. Nowadays, the couple is married, but there are no details about their wedding. During the pandemic, they volunteered at the domestic violence shelter, too.

Sadly, Anna’s mother died in February 2017 due to reasons undisclosed to the public. It seems that the couple has since returned to New York.


Amidst the pandemic, Eisenberg, Anna, and their three-year-old went for a road trip to help other people. Their small family spent ten days going to Bloomington to volunteer and help with the fundraising of his mother’s work.

“We have driven cross-country a lot, but we thought it would be prudent to isolate in an RV instead of stopping at hotels,” the actor said. He also spoke about their toddler:

“He spent the first few years of his life traveling. Whether or not he is adapting to our crazy lives or we just happened to get a kid who is comfortable with it, he has never been happier. He loves being on the road.”

With the pressing issues in this time and day, more and more activists have taken significant steps to make changes. Such was the experience of Edgar McGregor, who spent 589 consecutive days cleaning the trash at a Californian Canyon.

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