Multi Floor Space Time

MULTI-FLOORSE SPACE-TIME On August 28, 1915, during the Garribarri (Turkey) World War I campaign, a British army of more than 800 soldiers attacked Turkey, just in time, in the sky. landed at the place where the Turks were stationed, covered by a large layer of clouds. And when the British entered the Turkish camp surrounded by that huge cloud, not a single British soldier got out alive.

About an hour later, the cloud rose high into the sky; and strangely, more than 800 British soldiers also mysteriously disappeared. After the war ended, Britain asked Turkey to return the prisoners, but the Turkish side insisted that they had never seen the soldiers. British soldiers are like that. Some scientists say that it is possible that our universe is composed of a multi-dimensional space-time system, which means coexisting with the space-time system of human.

There are also other space-time systems, such as the tunneling space-time system. It is possible that the number of British soldiers passed through the tunnel space-time system to enter the hetero-dimensional space-time system. Currently, the hypotheses about the hetero-dimensional space-time system are only in the early stages, There is almost no evidence to support this hypothesis. However, it has attracted the attention of many scientists around the world. Right on Easter day in 1722, Dutch navigator Jakob Roggever discovered this island, so people called it Easter Island. Born (Paques).

This island is located alone in the South Pacific Ocean, with an area of ​​​​179km2. In every corner of this island, we can easily see countless great statues standing tall. These statues have different sizes, nearly 230m high and 80 tons in weight. Most of them are head statues, some even have hats, each of which weighs about 10 tons. At the same time, the surveyors also discovered that the stone used to sculpt the cone is completely different from the stone used to sculpt the head. People also discovered scattered on the island there are also big rocks weighing tens of thousands of tons, and solid flints like iron and steel, it seems that they are preparing to be sculpted into other statues.

When the Dutch poured Walking on this island, they discovered many pieces of wood, on which were engraved strange inscriptions, now about 10 pieces are displayed in museums around the world. But no one has been able to decipher the writings on those pieces of wood.
A Norwegian archaeologist, after carefully examining the statues, predicts the date of some charcoal to around 400 BC. In addition, when he came to survey the quarrying area and the vicinity of the crater, he discovered countless unfinished sculptures and hundreds of thousands of simple sculpting tools such as hammers, chisels, etc. So from these details we can confirm that this sculpture had to come to a very sudden stop.

One archaeologist wrote a research report in which he emphasized: “We One thing can be confirmed that the statues on the island are not the heritage and the work of the aborigines on the island…” Moreover, people also discovered the following strange phenomenon: although this island is far from continents and world civilizations, but the inhabitants of the island have a more complete and comprehensive understanding of the stars than anyone else. So who has lived on this island formed from very small flint rocks, so desolate that there is not even a shadow of a tree? Who, when, and how did they successfully chisel these giant statues? And what is their purpose?

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