One Punch Man: The Strongest Review

Ok hello guys but I can’t

you will then pour in this is the holy game

Our shrimp puff has also debuted

It’s been quite a while in Vietnam

and see you reread that skin is present

Great, which lineup was given to you

Which lineup is popular elsewhere?

The server chosen by the players

most because of the video Today

we’re going to one of these

The lineup is quite popular

I will have three introductory videos for you

brothers 3 models are popular

the beginning of the present moment and this video

It will be the first one, first line up

This is our first team for sure

is the present is also a lot of English

I play and use it and I like it too

I like it a lot, that’s the lineup

iOS is about to love Green’s AOE

around sambi and dong let me love you

This picture is modern you It is the part

hundred usage is very high We have one

The squad with Zombie Zombie is

Of course, yes, yes, if it were you guys

There is something more potential than doing, for example

this much it will have many red ones

hey it has a lot of these young drawings to tell

There’s a lot of little Tinh Anh for it

diamond, the skin will use it to go

always more, we will get more

e r and here we can be there

slap Ta Xua, come out at any time

AOE damage is also quite tight

you we will have slap this sambi this team

the picture of the farmer singing usually will

selected is Sam to go over

Usually there will be a lot, then there is a ratio

the Mickey thing it’s not tall you guys

It’s not that tall Actually, I’m

This game is also a game of dignity

Can you stop it or not, it’s still a lover

It’s your product It can be a substitute when

it’s ok with the action tab, that’s the lineup

it belongs to the vip people, it belongs to the people who do a lot

When it comes out, the green battery is beautiful

Xiaomi is also ok to turn it off and

If you slap it, it’s 2sr, so you can feed it for 2s

Its life is hard but the ratio of insects

her skin is not tall, so see if Bi will lie down

Just choose extremely Ok for team AOE


In addition to sambi, we will have one more

that no more is a child of god yes

of this copper base can also be replaced

It’s okay if it’s not the director’s but

the note, it’s called an advance

The current Russian underground has no copper emperor

this for it’s not of these countries and

Do we have any of Shiki’s scriptures?

Sophie but must be surprised and not

That’s the top pick

If someone has a mic, let’s get out of here

This cand warrior’s only thing is to go

I love you, that’s not even of the note is

I’m earthling and don’t talk to me Con

Mosquitoes are also very few people choose

Islam is revived but not few are chosen

I should so that’s not worth the dong

This national silver is not from Shiki then what

Our lineup will be better but

Priority is still the priority of the community

Silver is mad at me, fellow emperor

gold hey Sam This is a rotating find

around the hand AOE then we will

choose it as Kang top or glossy black

When you go to the ball, it tells it to close

damage from unimate damage is reduced

quite a lot of good bars, it’s also old

mail is quite a lot because it creates shields

Kien brothers and sisters, Mrs. Hang Nga, but

I have to finish it in the morning to get the top picture

It’s good to be religious, but it’s black and shiny

simpler and more efficient should leave a

shadow then I will see your shadow

I’m also delicious, but if you choose

If it’s kabuto, then it’s a motorcycle vocalist

The lineup has changed quite a lot

change quite a lot when they

we get here for example we have

Yes, Kabuto is Hanh I’m happy. That’s ok

Let’s color cars, our motorbikes are

I already know it’s an anti-South face

pretty much we get damage

The standard comes from this anti-Nam kapo to us

We have the standard Cat Tuong fortune of Vi Hanoi

At Vi gold’s I’m submitting pronunciation

That’s it, we’ll have to replace it

Spirituality I see spirituality and 10 cores

That object is the scripture that opened the channel

Come here, it will be more effective for me

Because if it is someone’s strength, it will take care of it

I’m ready. It explodes with true damage

It’s quite a lot, it’s less standard

is more up Kabuto King Gou lineup

God And go gold that will be very delicious

Good luck, so the spiritual slot of

we will go first will be the king of the sun

yes if our lineups

it’s like this guys then we

I still prefer to choose unkey over me and

choose to capture more taste because of kien’s wife

it’s when we get the trick

ulimate and you guys got 3 stars

then we will reduce earth means eliminate

Go through the enemy’s defenses in the afternoon

kazuki’s loss here listen at the same time

which is around when being attacked

through 6 tons of the target’s defense dragon

For you, the equal is two, so fukui

do the Chosen spirituality

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