1. Niềm vui đặt nhầm nơi dễ nhận lại lòng đố kỵ nhỏ nhen. Nỗi buồn gửi nhầm người dễ biến thành trò cười kín đáo.

2. Chuyện đời vốn dĩ luôn như thế, mười chuyện thì có đến tám chín chuyện không như ý. Không thể thay đổi được thì chấp nhận thôi. 3. Người chịu đựng được tất cả mới xứng đáng có được tất cả. Vì thứ mình thích mà chịu đựng, vì người mình yêu mà hy … Đọc tiếp


In recent years, there have been quite vivid changes in the children’s and pregnant market’s market, really the revival of the birth part 14 From the uncertain future of wood in grab sings the resurgence of supported games. of Amazon game estudio but today we won’t talk about games like that. You will focus on … Đọc tiếp

Unknown the people

They should have become human companions, but because they are afraid of humans, they gradually leave us. In the picture is one of the details recorded about the werewolf in the book “Wild Legend” ” (published in 1858). On a waning moon night, a group of werewolves that numbered in the thousands gathered in front … Đọc tiếp

Loch Ness Monster – Monster

MONSTERS For thousands of years, strange shapes of animals, ferocious animals have always existed in people’s illusions, and these illusions sometimes appear in real life. When it comes to monsters, We often have the following question: are these monsters? Is it the product of a rich imagination or is it an image that people have … Đọc tiếp

Hunt Intelligent Aliens

On March 3, 1972 and April 6, 1973, the US launched two Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft. Their main mission is to search for space civilization. Both spacecraft also carry 1 letter “inquiry” the same. This letter denotes Earthlings’ concern for extraterrestrial beings. This “letter” is made from a flat and flat piece of gold, … Đọc tiếp

UFO And Alien

“UFOs” appeared a long time ago, not only recently. However, only recently have they appeared more often, more often. From the 50s to the present, many people in many countries have said that they have seen “UFOs” and aliens with their own eyes. Some people have even been attacked and captured by aliens. In fact, … Đọc tiếp

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle This mysterious and terrible land has been terrorizing people all over the world for a very long time. “TRIANGLE” BERMUDA 2 at 10 pm on December 5, 1945, the 19th flight platoon of the navy The US consists of 5 “TBM – avenger” – torpedo bombers that took off from an aircraft carrier … Đọc tiếp