The ancient Indian

The ancient Indian epic recorded two fierce wars between the Yukrava tribes and Pantarva, and between Flischnia and the Hake on the Ganges River 5000 years ago. In both of those wars, according to the book, they used a “launchable” weapon, which spewed fire without smoke, and when it was ignited, the sky immediately turned black, and the wind and storm raged. up, the earth and sand poured down from the sky, the waves pounded against the shore; The mountains tremble, the animals are
fell dead, the river boiled, people were burned.

Indeed, the destructive power of this rocket is really terrible, the pillar of fire is thought to be thousands of thousands of times bigger than the sun, billowing straight up into the sky…” Scientists think that this is just a description of life. war, but it’s worth thinking about: who invented that weapon? MAP OF NAZCA WELDS IN the Peruandis Plateau there is a valley called Palpa.

The valley was a flat land, the ground covered with a layer of rock like rusted iron. On a morning in the early 70s of the twentieth century, an American photographic plane took off, it flew south of the Pacific Ocean, over the Chinchard Islands, over both the Acka Plateau and the island of the Cabarries Harbor. ; then flew straight to the east, towards the continent where the mountains were surrounded.

And behold, below the plane appeared the wasteland of Nazca. And it was this flight that people discovered a particularly strange “runway”. This “runway” starts from the ground and runs up the mountainside. The road was flat and wide, sometimes it went through unspoiled land, sometimes it ran through valleys. If we go along this “airway” made up of large and bright rocks to reach the end of the road, we will find on this Nazca pristine plains filled with countless bright stones, and at the same time we will also see many types of insects insects, birds, resident animals, including extremely long crocodiles, there are monkeys with curved tails and even animals that humans have never seen.

In addition, some large-sized lines form many different shapes. Some lines are parallel, others intersect, and some are in the shape of steps. Studies of these geometrical lines have proven a theory that the lines are ordered in order. order of astrology. Peruvian literary experts and Adam Mason speculate that the lines are religious symbols or maybe it is a kind of calendar. If we look from above, the desert of Nazca looks like an airport.

Some people believe that this “runway” was built according to a certain model, applied the coordinate method and then enlarged to build. However, it is also possible that this is a work built by aerial flying devices, the purpose is to record the landings of aliens landing on earth. On many mountain slopes in Peru, people have discovered more places where similar phenomena appear.

PIN CHEMICAL 2000 YEARS BEFORE In the 30s of the twentieth century, archaeologists discovered in a stone coffin. In an ancient tomb on the outskirts of the city of Baghdad, Iran, a strange object was buried. It was later said that it was an ancient chemical battery. By speculation, this type of battery dates back to 2,000 years, while human-made batteries are only 200 years old. It is a difficult thing to understand.

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