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I love taking spring maternity photos in central Texas.

Not only do I get to do what I love and work with amazing people, but I get to do it in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful seasons of the Texas year. It’s not super hot yet, so maternity portrait sessions are comfortable for my pregnant clients and for me. It’s usually lush and green, and wildflowers are starting to bloom all over the area. Plus, Texas has something magical happen between February and April…The Texas Bluebonnet bloom.

Doing maternity photography in Austin and Cedar Park, surrounded by beautiful people and freshly blooming bluebonnets, is what I live for! Maternity photos in Austin can take on a life of their own depending on the setting and season. Here are some of my favorite spots for different types of spring maternity photos.

Naturescape Spring Maternity Photos

Many of my maternity sessions take place outside. It makes sense — pregnancy is one of the most natural processes out there! For breathtaking springtime photography, my go-to spot is typically one of four outdoor locations.

On Bull Creek. I access spots on Bull Creek that are quiet, secluded, and off the beaten path. I have found a selection of spots that catch the light, the creek, and the scenery in unique ways. Although this is in Austin, there is enough tree cover and outdoor space to feel like a breakaway into more rural, natural places.

Plus, if you book with me, I know where all the best-hidden maternity photo session gems are.

water maternity photos

In Beautiful Balcones Canyonlands. This spot is quite the drive outside of Austin and Cedar Park limits, but it is worth it for the views and the rugged photo ops. This spot draws in birders from around the United States, and it’s full of creeks and grasslands sprinkled with hills and old-growth trees.

spring time maternity photos

At Twin Creeks Historic Park. This spot is a personal favorite because of the lighting! The park has impressive lighting in both the morning and evening, setting the scenes for those magical light shots that are often seen in maternity photos. Photo spots within the park are a bit of a walk, but it’s worth it. With old-growth trees, stone walls, antique staircases, and more, there’s something for everyone in this quiet place.

maternity photos at Twin Lakes Park

At McKinney Falls State Park. McKinney Falls is a fan favorite for Austin maternity photography. Unfortunately, the park now requires reservations for maternity sessions. However, for stunning shots with waterfalls, creeks, and the best of Texas nature, this state park is a gem.

Mckinney Falls maternity pics

Urban Parks

Some of my clients like a little more of an urban feel to their maternity photos, which I get. For those clients, I recommend:

The Twin Lakes YMCA. This Cedar Park photography location is easily accessible and features a waterfall and a lake. It’s easy to see why it’s a favorite — the lake is beautiful, and it makes an excellent place for a picnic or a day away. Plus, it is home to a summer camp so that clients can scope out future activities for their baby!

waterfall maternity photos springtime maternity photos

Brushy Creek Sports Park in Cedar Park is also a great maternity session location. It features a railroad bridge, among other spots, which makes for interesting, semi-urban maternity photos. Plus, for those who want evening maternity photo sessions, Brushy Creek has beautiful evening light.

spring maternity photos

Richard Moya Park is for my clients who want a proper mix of Texas charm with cultivated native plants, trees, and flowers. For a pop of color in maternity photos, the wildflowers here are incredible. The park also features pecan trees and a charming old bridge, which adds a nice touch to rustic-themed photoshoots.

historic bridge maternity photos

Cityscape — Austin Spring Maternity Photos

We’re not all outdoorsy people, and anyone who knows and loves Austin can tell you that Downtown Austin and the greater Austin area have a beautiful mix of spots for maternity portraits. I love taking maternity portraits in Austin in front of the blue tile wall, at the Seaholm Power District, and the Austin Public Library. Spring maternity photos taken in Austin can be just as beautiful as maternity pictures taken anywhere else.

Austin is also known for being “weird” (it’s the Portland of the South!)

downtown Austin maternity photos

For those looking for a truly unique spot with a ton of potential, The Sekrit Theater is a treat. Full of abandoned objects, greenhouses, and other oddities, it would be hard to believe it’s a good spot for maternity photos. But trust me, it’s GORGEOUS.

Sekrit Theater maternity pics

Texas Bluebonnets

It’s that time of year again! The Bluebonnets are coming. You might think you have the best spot to view and take photos with these Texas treasures, but I promise you I have THE BEST, most secluded bluebonnet photo spot in Cedar Park. I keep this place a secret, so the only way you’ll find out about it is if you get your maternity photos done with me!

On The Bucket List

Photographers are always looking for equally stunning spots to expand their photoshoot locations. I have a few on my bucket list, of course:

  • The Zilker Botanical Gardens
  • Mayfield Park
  • Laguna Gloria

Do you have a secret garden somewhere in the greater Austin area? A secluded getaway? A place you think would be just perfect for an Austin Maternity Photoshoot? Let me know!

And, as always, message me to book your springtime maternity session. Now’s the perfect time to book if you want the Bluebonnets in your maternity shoot.

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