The Curse of 3000 Years

The Curse of 3000 Years BEFORE February 1923, a British archaeological team came to excavate the tomb of pharaoh Tuten Khamon, who died 3,000 years ago. Archaeological team discovered at the tomb door engraved a curse: “Whoever breaks the sleep of the pharaoh, that person will return to the ancient heavens”.Kannap Sunge was the leader of the expedition, he had previously received an anonymous letter. Kana Pomsonge, you are not allowed to enter Tuten Khamon’s grave, otherwise you will surely receive all the consequences: become seriously ill with no cure. Mr. Sunge of course did not believe; and when he saw the curse at the door of the tomb, he was not afraid.

However, on a morning not long before the excavation, he woke up in the hotel and could only utter one sentence: “I’m so upset!”; and that night he died in agony. According to the doctor, the cause of his death was the bite of a poisonous mosquito. And another strange thing is that the mosquito bite on his body coincidentally coincided with the black mark on the mummy of the pharaoh Tuten Khamon.

Since this event, other mysterious deaths not only did not stop completely, but on the contrary, the god of death. repeatedly knocking on many scientists’ doors. Among them was a radiologist, who had X-rayed the mummy of a pharaoh, as a result of which he suffered pain all over his body and soon died. Mr. Richard Peter, a member of Mr. Sunge’s crew, died in his bedroom from a sudden outbreak of liver disease. British scientist, Grior Woor, who participated in the first wave of discoveries of the tombs of the pharaoh also shared the same fate; he had a high fever and died not long after the search.

Half a century later, a television station secretly interviewed the only survivor of Mr. Sunge’s crew – Richard Adamson, he said: “I am Don’t believe this nonsense.” So, while on his way home from the TV station, his car crashed into a truck, and he was seriously injured. REMEMBER OF THE BELOW CITY In 1968, while flying over the Bahasma Islands, an archaeologist was an archaeologist. Scientists have discovered that there is an ancient architecture on the seabed, which seems to have been created by human hands. Incidentally, this sea is located near the Bermuda triangle area. It is estimated that the work under this variable has more than ten thousand years of history. This discovery has shaken the world. because it proves that the description of the ancient Greek philosopher Paratu is correct.

Previously, in one of his works, he described that there was a city on Earth that had disappeared. He wrote: The Atlantic continent also had a strangely developed civilization. This place has produced countless kinds of gold and silver; In addition, the walls in the palace are all paved with gold, and the floor is covered with silver. Moreover, there is also a very large harbor, including aircraft. It is this city that was once the land of many colonists. Europe, Africa and the whole South – North America region are also more or less under the influence of this civilized land. However, in an earthquake, this entire civilization sank to the bottom of the ocean.

Can you guess the name of the city? That’s right, that’s the “green”
“Atlantic land”, an ancient civilized city nearly 11,500 years of history from our time. When this news was announced, many scientists immediately decided to conduct research and surveys. Later marine biologists Oceanographers have discovered on the seabed of Wiminian Island a pillar about 10m long and several thousand years ago. After being tested, it is not possible to conclude exactly what kind of material this column is made of.

In a report in the Washington newspaper (USA), there was a passage: Marine archaeologist Charles Barriere used a sonar device to detect submarines and eventually discovered on the seabed of the Bahasma Islands there is a The pyramid is 180m high, the top of the tower has an architecture like a palace. Many people have associated this event with mysterious phenomena that often occur in the Bermuda triangle area.

They believe that the energy source of the debris of Atlantis is still active, and this leads to the change of space and causes mysterious disappearances of ships and planes. Someone analyzed that: The cause of this city’s destruction was due to the fatal mistakes made by the people of Atlantis in the management process. And use the abundant energy of the sun and the universe. It was this mistake that led to a change in the Earth’s crust, causing the continent to sink and the result as you can see: the city of Atlantis was completely submerged into the seabed.

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