UFO And Alien

“UFOs” appeared a long time ago, not only recently. However, only recently have they appeared more often, more often. From the 50s to the present, many people in many countries have said that they have seen “UFOs” and aliens with their own eyes. Some people have even been attacked and captured by aliens.

In fact, governments around the world have a lot of evidence of the appearance of “UFOs” and aliens, only they don’t want to publicly announce it. And scientists keep an attitude. cautious, although they do not want to make their point, but there are some scientists who have begun to study “UFOs” and aliens.

And they have obtained many positive results. Of course, besides that, there are also people who oppose, these people think that the phenomenon of “UFO” and aliens is just due to the paranoia of the people. MOTHER – ONE SECRET DOCUMENT DESCRIPTION OF THE SURFACE OF A FLIGHT A secret manuscript describing UFOs of the US Air Force was written in 1947 as follows: Metallic surface emits light When operating, there is still no smoke, Oval circle, Flat bottom, round top. In many flights, there is usually a crew that follows a geometric diagram, usually 3-9 aircraft. Under normal conditions, UFOs do not emit any sound at all. , however, three times people heard very loud sounds. In 1977, American scientists decided to conduct an examination of citizen Anderson Betty, who claimed to have encountered a UFO.

The examination lasted 1 year, applied more than 10 times of hypnosis and wrote a 528-page report, which shocked all the “phishing” experts and many scientists around the world. “…There are so many things going on, it’s like a puzzle that is hard to understand… that a smart person will be able to solve. It’s because the earth has so much evil and evil things, so these puzzling things appear. And if they are decoded, the aliens will take advantage of them… They want to come to earth because they want people to be scared. There are many people on this earth like me who are groping for secrets in the cerebrum…

As long as the time comes, the secrets will be revealed.” AN old TIME RECORDS ABOUT UFOs 1450 BC, in Ai In ancient times, people discovered that there was a piece of paper recording the phenomenon of “flying saucers”, and this is the first record. On the piece of paper it was written: “At 6:00 a.m. on the third day of the winter of year 22, an official in charge of recording the birth date of a newborn baby suddenly saw a fireball, 1 zhang (5.5 m) long and 1 zhang wide. , makes no sound. That official
panicked, and fell to the ground. A few days later, more similar objects appeared in the sky, the light of which could fill the Sun. The pharaoh stood with the soldiers silently admiring the strange sight. Then they saw the fireball rising into the sky to the south.

The pharaoh immediately redrawn it and prayed day and night, asking for peace, and at the same time he ordered this event to be rewritten to be handed down to future generations. In the ancient Indian epic, there was a description of the so-called god: “Vehicles” Heaven” and “Weapons”. In it, it reads: “Under Lama’s direction, this splendid vehicle slowly left the ground, flew up into the sky, emitting a loud bang …”. “The sky car flew high into the sky on an axle. vertical, this axial light is like the image of the Sun, and when flying, there is an explosion like lightning in a big storm…” The above descriptions are very similar to the description of “flying saucers”. In the bible there is also a passage. wrote about a flying object of unknown origin: “A large and glowing cloud of fire followed a whirlwind, surrounded by light, and from it came four ‘living things’ (like a human body). The wheel shape and color are like a clear pearl, the four wheels are the same.

And the special thing is that these wheels can move at any angle without having to turn around. The wheel hub is very tall, and around the 4 axles are the eyes. When the “living thing” walks, the four wheels also follow: “The living thing rises to the ground, the wheels follow. After that, “Linh” lifted the wheel and heard the rumbling sound of the wheels and “Grandfather” was taken to a deserted place, and sat there alone for 7 days.” In China during the Ming Dynasty, it also happened. a terrible accident. Originally on May 30, 1626, in the area of ​​​​Vuong Cung Quang (now Xuanwumen), southwest of Beijing, a very tragic event happened. At that time, the sky was very blue, but only a moment later, the sky and earth became dark, more than 20 large trees were uprooted, neighboring houses all collapsed, the death toll reached thousands of people, in a moment the bricks were crushed. falling from the sky, in addition, there are human heads, thighs, shoulders, ears… parts of the human body falling from above.

Thach Phu Ma road originally placed a stone lion weighing 250 kg, but it was also sent flying out of Thuan Accept Gate. This accident has many strange phenomena, such as all the clothes of the dead, the injured and the living were stripped off, and these clothes were all blown out of the West Mountain a short distance away. dozens of meters; and most of them were hung from the tops of trees. In addition, in this case the following phenomenon also occurred: trees were not damaged.

burned, and after the accident no one could find a trace. Before this strange phenomenon, in 1986 the Beijing Geological Society together with more than 20 other organizations began to conduct research, but still have not found a convincing answer. However, it is some ancient texts that provide us with some arguments from a different angle. In the book “Thuy Mac Dong Lam” it is written: “The second night of May, the “Fire Devil” appeared at the corner of the front door, pale blue, like hundreds of fireballs joining together, burning the whole sky red. And in the book: “Ky Thien Cong” also described similarly: “It seems that there is a red ball flying straight up into the sky”. Therefore, many people believe that this fire is related to aliens. On July 19, 1952, in the sky of Washington, USA, a UFO fleet appeared, panicking the whole US! 11:40 ‘, on the radar screen of the air traffic control center at Washington International Airport suddenly appeared 7 strange bright spots; the strange thing is that all 7 bright spots do not appear like the others; Normally, the dots will appear at the edge of the screen and then gradually approach the center of the screen, while these 7 points of light suddenly appear in the center of the screen and then suddenly disappear, this phenomenon causes people are very worried. Thanks to the bright spots appearing on the radar, the UFO’s flight speed was calculated, about 200,000m/h; then sometimes it accelerates to 11,700 km/h, sometimes it flies straight up, sometimes it stops suddenly in the middle of the sky.

No one can explain it. The most special thing is that there is an object flying at a very high speed, but suddenly it changes direction because
air resistance and Earth’s gravity. For the current level of science and technology, people are completely helpless. At three o’clock in the morning, the US Air Force finally refused to surrender, they were ordered to leave. Two F 94 fighters were launched into battle.

Yet, just a moment later, these flying objects disappeared without leaving a trace. Only when the US Air Force planes returned and landed at the base did they reappear, they hovered around as if to show their prestige. While everyone had not regained their composure, a week later, the night of the 26th/ 7, a strange crew suddenly appeared like that. This time the US Air Force acted very quickly and decisively, many secret radars closely followed the movements of objects. At that time, the brilliant scientist Einstein once again advised the generals not to go to war with them. President Truman hesitated and then ordered the American troops not to actively attack. Moments later, these strange flying objects disappeared from the sky of Washington. On the night of 11/23/1953, the staff on duty at the US Air Force station near Lake Michigan suddenly saw on the radar screen a flying object appeared. Strange is flying from Canada. Out of habit, the F 89C fighter jet belonging to Los Air Force Base immediately took off to determine the “identity” of this invader. The pilot of this aircraft was lieutenant Fliks Mokra, who was in charge of direction control. bay is lieutenant Wilson.

Under the guidance of radar on the ground, the plane flew at a speed of 500km / h and a few minutes later caught up with the flying object. At this moment, the radar officer saw two bright spots appear on the screen, but then very quickly, both points merged into one and finally disappeared. Although then the US military mobilized a powerful force to track down, but the silhouette of the US Air Force plane along with the other strange flying object was still unable to be saved. Late at night on September 19, 1961, an employee Canadian postmaster named Banny and his wife Betty were on their way home when suddenly, about 30 meters in front of them, a flying object appeared from the sky. Then they saw a strange-shaped person in there watching them. The couple tried to run away, but it was too late, and suddenly they lost all feeling. After 2 hours, they woke up but couldn’t remember what happened in the previous 2 hours.

They just felt that their whole body was weak, they couldn’t even speak. I feel like something terrible happened but I can’t remember. After returning home, since then, he and his wife have had nightmares every night, their mental breakdown is clear. Fortunately, thanks to the treatment by hypnosis, they gradually remembered the whole process. They claim that they have encountered aliens. And they were put into that flying object, then they were examined and tested again. At 5:40 am on February 12, 1968, Mr. Louis Flosina from the state of Saint Paolo, Brazil suddenly heard the sound of Laos.

A very strange stir-fry emanating from the nearby woods. At the same time he felt his hips being pulled back by someone, and pulled him out the door, into the air. He struggled, his sandals falling to the ground. He discovered that there were two dwarfs controlling him. They were only 1.42m high, equal to his son. The eyes are very deviated, the hair is shoulder length. They spoke to each other in a very strange language. Then one guy hit him hard in the face. Falling to the ground

, he tried to get up and lunged at the dwarf, the three of them wrestling at the same time. But they did not understand what they said to each other a few words, and then in Portuguese again said to him: “Now we go! Because we can’t show our strength on you.” Mr. Louis chased after him, he grabbed a dwarf by the hair, but he couldn’t make him stop
could walk, and they disappeared into the depths of the forest. And his dog always followed him, but when it approached the two dwarfs, it fell to the ground, yelping as if it had been beaten. A month later, it died, my body was very swollen.

The investigative staff, upon hearing the news, rushed to the scene to examine the scene on the day of the incident. They discovered signs of crushed grass on the lawn; that proves there is a fierce struggle going on here. And Mr. Louis is recognized by the locals as telling the truth. He later learned that on that same day someone saw a UFO landing in a field near the forest where his house was. On July 25, 1968 in a city southwest of the capital of Argentina, a corporal and three soldiers belonged to him. The infantry forces detected a UFO report, they immediately jumped on the Jeep and rushed to the area near the airport.

And they saw an oval, flat-bottomed, five-color, glowing object preparing to land on the runway. The bottom of this object has “legs”, when the flying object stops, the alien-like woman comes out, they are about 2m tall, wearing luminescent clothes. The officers asked them to raise their hands in surrender, but they did not respond. At this time, the patrol captain immediately used a submachine gun to sweep for a while, but it seemed to have nothing to do with them, even the flying saucer seemed to be unharmed. Only at this time, all three aliens took out a glowing circular object, and they shone it at the soldiers, immediately the American officers were like heaven, losing all sensation within 3 minutes. After they regained consciousness, the three aliens boarded the flying saucer and disappeared. On November 5, 1975 in the state of Arizona, there were 7 logging workers driving in the tree-lined forest, suddenly there was an object. flying emitting blue light towards them.

And a person is sucked into the flying object. When he was found five days later, he was lying unconscious. After regaining consciousness, he said, when he was hit by that light, he immediately fainted. When he woke up, he found himself tied on a long table, surrounded by three “monsters”, they were about 1m5 high. They have no hair on their heads, their eyes are huge, but their mouths and ears are very small, their noses are so beautiful that they almost don’t have them, nor do they have eyelashes or eyebrows. They were all in uniform. They did a different scan all over his body, then grabbed something like a balloon over his head, then he passed out again, and when he regained consciousness he found himself lying on a highway. On October 2, 1983, on the front page of the British weekly Word New’s, there was an article with the following content: “At the end of December 1980, a UFO shaped like a fireball landed in a forest, near the place where American military forces are stationed on British soil.

Many people witnessed this event with their own eyes. And the colonel of that base has officially submitted a report on that. Based on the results of the investigation after that event, there were indeed 200 soldiers standing there at that time and they witnessed. They saw a ring of red light rushing down from the sky, and in that shimmering iridescent light, a spaceship appeared. This is a metal object about 6m in diameter, outside there are many strange objects. like vacuum tubes.

Underneath the object emitting a vertical cylindrical light, and in it appeared three creatures about 1m tall, when they were still 30cm above the ground, they lined up in a vertical line like that and hung in the air. Their heads are too large for their bodies, their noses and mouths are extremely small, they have no ears; unusually large eyes, and always darting back and forth. Their clothes were black but emitting silver light. Some people also saw that when Commander William brought troops to approach the UFO, immediately, the necks of all three strange objects turned behind, and at the same time looked up. , the commanding officer was astounded. Next it seems the commander is talking to them because the soldiers are standing outside
saw the commanding officer nodded several times. About 20 minutes later, Mr. William ordered all soldiers to withdraw. And 15 minutes later, strange creatures and UFOs left the scene with incredible speed. ALIEN So far, the number of people who believe they have met aliens is increasing and it seems that in every country have both. Besides, their description of aliens is not the same as anyone else – So this is the “subjective opinion” of the “accident”? Or is that exactly what happened? And if the description of these people in distress is correct, are the aliens from different planets? So does this mean that: in this vast universe, Earth is just a very ordinary member of a large family of planets with life? TINH According to statistics, in the world hi

There have been more than tens of thousands of events related to UFOs and there are also reports that the US, Russia … have discovered aliens alive and found both their corpses as well as fragments. flying saucer debris. There are also people who claim to have been abducted by aliens many times, even in rare cases, having sex with them. Summarizing all the above cases, experts have come to a general conclusion as follows: for example, the behavior of aliens towards us consists of 5 types: Curious but rejecting: They refuse. come into contact with us but are very curious about our life and people. This type seems to be the most common. Friendly type: They often use words, gestures, attitudes, or cues, or psychics to express their friendly attitude towards us. The good caring type. Belly:

This is the kind of alien that has done a lot of good for us. They show a clear concern and willingness to help us. Moderate type: once attacked by us, they often use some means to restrain us, such as making us unable to move for a moment. moment. They have absolutely no intention of harming us. Aggressive type: This type often organizes fierce counterattacks against groups of people who attack them, or they show hostility. However, they often do not beat us to death immediately, but often seriously injure us and then die. poison in
This vast universe. From ancient times to now, we humans have never given up on our intention to learn about alien civilizations. Up to this modern age, along with the rapid development of science and technology, ascending to the sky and descending to the sea is no longer a problem for us humans. And for that reason, the idea of ​​​​searching for alien civilizations is getting more and more intense in our hearts.

ALTERNATIVE SIGNALS 1924 is the year Mars rotates to the opposite point of the Earth and also the year approximately shortest distance from Mars to Earth. At that time, many people posed the question whether there is a civilization of life on Mars? And broadcast radio signals to Earth? A radio expert had researched and built a receiver, and then he asked an astronomer to discover that there were continuous dots on the freshly washed film. It seems that there are many images appearing on the picture many times. In 1928, an expert on Northern Lights discovered in a laboratory in the Netherlands that there are short but very strong waves with a wavelength of 31.4m, they get a reverberation. And it takes 5 minutes to get the echo if we send electric waves to Venus, and 9 minutes to Mars. Therefore, based on this phenomenon of time stretching, it is speculated that in space there is a reflective object that we do not know yet, its position is farther than the Moon but can not be as far as Venus or Venus. Mars. Inventor Tyslor Nicolas recorded the following signal event in 1899: “The changes I have recorded below are cyclical. And it is clear that the numbers and their order prove to us that they have not appeared before. It was not until later that I discovered that the discoveries I made were most likely caused by the control of the mind.

More and more I feel that I am the first person to have heard the conversation of one planet with another’. A radio expert, in September 1921, received a signal with a wavelength of 150 thousand meters through an extremely large radio transceiver mounted on a very fast motorboat in the Mediterranean Sea. At that time, the longest wavelength in the world that we used was only 14,000m. Moreover, the reception of this strange signal has a rule, so it cannot be interference. But these signals haven’t been ‘translated’, they’re like codes. He thought that these signals must be coming from some special planet in the solar system. DECLARATION OF ALTERNATIVE SIGNALS On October 11, 1928, a professor registered the theory of ‘Long-lasting echoes’ in bronze. At that time he also recorded the whole thing. The interval between radio transmissions. He then analyzed and found that the longest interval was 15 seconds, or in other words, a one-way transmission took 6.5 seconds. Based on this result, the object must be 2,250 million m from Earth, the shortest interruption time is 3 seconds, so the one-way transmission takes only 1.5 seconds. And so this object is only slightly outside the orbit of the Moon.
In a telegram sent to Dr. B. Van Pol on October 11, 1928, in which he asked Dr. to experiment with signals. That night, he received a series of signals with a very strange duration: 8, 11, 15, 8, 13, 3, 8, 8, 8, 12, 15, 13, 8, 8 seconds. And later in the report, the rumor

After that, he said that for several months in a row, he still had not detected any echoes that needed such a long time to be transmitted to the radio station. In 1960, a professor at Stanford University, USA said that the sounds The echo that takes such a long time for a certain reflection to come from the interstellar laboratory of some kind of intelligent being living in space. In 1973, a Scottish astronomer stated as follows. following: extraterrestrials used to signal our earth , and the y-axis to represent the continuous pulse of the wave after connecting the points on the coordinate axis (x,y), the result is very similar to the constellation Muc Phu. Hong also said that this reflected signal generation area must be in the constellation. Boots is a binary star in the binary system, 103 light-years away. On this graph, the star Daigon (a star in the constellation Mufu) is the brightest star in this constellation, but its position at that time was different from its present position.

And thanks to that, Mr. Rulan calculated that the time of the appearance of this signal must be around 11,000 BC. The astronomer had a hard time interpreting the meaning of the data of the “strewn echo” and he decoded the codes an extraterrestrial civilization gave us in 11,000 BC. Here’s what the signals mean: AB – comes from here BC – Our home is in the star E in the constellation Mugnu.CDE – this is the twin FG, GH – we live on the 6th planet in the sequence. including 7 planets.CH, CH, JKL – find this right point, right planet 6 then EM – counting from the sun facing out.FEG – GN – is the big planet out of 2 planets HO, OP – in planet our 6th planet has a moon, in the fourth planet has 3 moons, and on the 1st and 3rd planets all have a moon.GQ, QR – our lab is in lunar orbit Yours ST – Here is a note of the date and position of the star Daigon on the graph Other scientists say that with his discovery it is clear that in the universe there must be an alien laboratory chimpanzees, and this kind of intelligent creature tried to answer the radio signals emitted by the earth, and they also expressed their desire to agree with the earth creatures to contact and talk.

August 1929, m A French team of archeology and astronomy has come to India and they have discovered
The rebound lasts for about 1 to 30 seconds. Based on this material of the archaeological team, he drew a small dot diagram, then connected these points, the diagram was connected into a geometric form; and he explained the codes inside, which is the self-introduction of the aliens to us. After mankind invented radio astronomy technology, we had one more effective assistant to help us. we look for extraterrestrial beings. In 1960, the US proposed a plan to track signals with a wavelength of 210mm. The wavelength of 210mm emitted by foreign objects, out in the universe is the most commonly seen wavelength, so if there really are intelligent beings outside of Earth, they will use this kind of normal wavelength. On April 8, 1960, a The scientist threw an object with a surface diameter of 27m at a star in the constellation Crocodiles 11.9 light-years from Earth through a throwing antenna. Hours passed and he still received no response. chief. But when he tuned the antenne to the star in the constellation Eridanus, 10.7 light-years from Earth, he immediately received a strong pulse signal, with 8 pulses every second.

Only later did he discover that it was a signal from the radar laboratory of a secret military base located on Earth. In 1961, the American radio observatory held a secret conference consisting of 11 of the world’s most famous scientists to discuss the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligent beings. After the conference, a group of 11 scientists agreed to work together and they came up with a formula called Greenbank. All expressions of this formula are intended to aid the process of understanding all sides of a problem. According to the level of contemporaries, the formula for the normal value and the minimum absolute value is: N = R – fpnef1fjfcL In which the meaning of the expressions is: N: Number of likely populations of living organisms existence in the Milky Way.R: Average number of annual occurrences, like planets in our Solar System.fp:

Number of planets potentially habitable.ne: Average number of growth of the standard human habitable planet f1: including the above conditions, this is the number indicating the planets with the development of target life.fj: this number indicates the number of planets inhabited by intelligent beings. intelligence acts as it will while the sun still exists.fc: Number of planets inhabited by intelligent beings in a modern technological civilization.L: Longevity of a civilized world. When it comes to the amazing distance between planets in the universe, there are only world civilizations exist for a long time to have a chance to meet.. The minimum value of the above formula is N = 40, and the maximum value is N = 50,000,000 If we calculate according to the above formula in the worst condition, the Milky Way of we have 40 groups of intelligent beings trying to communicate with each other.


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