Unknown the people

They should have become human companions, but because they are afraid of humans, they gradually leave us. In the picture is one of the details recorded about the werewolf in the book “Wild Legend” ” (published in 1858). On a waning moon night, a group of werewolves that numbered in the thousands gathered in front of the wall of a tomb. They were so different from the spirits, the spirits, the beasts, we all accepted that existence existed.

The existence of these human beings is completely objective. But just because they are afraid of us humans, they have tried to avoid human society. In the past few decades, the number of people around the world who have encountered “Wild Man” is not small, there are even people are born from the interbreeding between humans and other “wild people”.

But so far, for some reason, we have not caught this creature to announce to the world. It is this that has put on the “barbarian” – the creature that should have been our companion – a veil of secrecy. “The Beast” God of Farming The West of Hubei Province, China is the region of the God of Agriculture in China. , and this place circulates many legends about “wild man” or “hairy man”. Archaeologists have discovered among all the mass of graves in the forest of Thannong that there are many pieces of money. bronze, engraved with the image of “hairy man”, and at the same time we can also see that these feet are very bold, it is very similar to ape. This “hairy man” image has existed for more than 2,000 years, and someone has analyzed that this is an image of an animal belonging to a group of people still existing in this life.
Since June 1974, Chinese scientists have carried out a small-scale survey, and they have also met many times with “barbarians”. Unfortunately, so far there is not enough evidence to prove their existence.

Between May and June 1976, it happened twice that many people encountered this type of animal at a very close distance at the same time, that’s why China specially organized a survey group, and there they picked up some hair, they thought it was some kind of primate animal. In March 1977, the Central Institute and officials of Hubei province established a team to survey exotic animals in the Northwest.

There are more than one hundred members working in the suburbs for more than 8 months, checking 5,000 km of roads; The survey area is 15km2 and thus they have found many valuable documents, of which the most valuable ones are hair, footprints and excrement. There are also many members who see this animal from a distance. Until the mid-90s, there were also many people who faced this wild beast, but so far there is not enough evidence to draw a scientific and accurate conclusion. However, that did not discourage the “wild-man” experts, on the contrary, they put more effort into tracking them down. “Snowman” HIMALAYA Everywhere in the Eastern border of India, Burma , then the western border of Xinjiang, in the north there is a large area between Tibet and the Pamir plateau, there have been oral stories about “snowmen”. In which the southern Himalayas region is the most. At the end of the 18th century, Beijing published a book titled “Dictionary of Anatomy in Diagnosis of Various Diseases”, which included a description of the image of a “snowman” in the Himalayas. According to many eyewitnesses the “snowman” is very big: 1.4 – 4m high, 2m on average; eye-length hair; hairless face, resembling that of an ape; Its whole body is red-brown, black-brown or jet-black. It has broad shoulders, arched back, and very long arms, making it look like a human.

It usually walks on two legs and sometimes leaves many footprints in the snow, when walking, its center of gravity is slightly forward, sometimes it also walks on four legs. Females have long mammals that point to the ground, and have a very unpleasant odor. In 1959, China conducted a survey of the Chomolungma plateau, they also surveyed the “snowman”. On May 17 of the same year, the team The surveyors entered the largest water valley in the Chomolungma Mountains, and they overheard a lama recounting meeting a “snowman.” What it was like. Lama said: in 1958, it was around 9 pm, I came out from the temple, and by moonlight, I saw a snowman walking upstream.

The snowman’s whole body is covered with hair, much taller than us and has a straight gait. Early in the morning of June 18, the survey team also found a lot of snowman footprints outside the hut they were staying in. At that time they were at an altitude of 6,000m above sea level, the whole land was snow, so the footprints were very clear. They compared a pair of hiking boots and found that the size of the footprints in the snow was about the same as that of the hiking boots, no matter how big the snowman’s footprints were. And that footprint disappeared 30m away on the small gravel. That same day, the survey team set off again and went to Long Doc village, people in the village also said that they had discovered some activities of the people. snow.

On June 24, someone said that in the valley of Lake Kama, a buffalo was beaten to death by a snowman. Surveyors immediately went to the scene, a local resident gave it to the survey team.
a brown hair 15.6cm long and found a cow carcass. The members brought this feather back to Beijing for testing, and found that this hair was completely different from that of cattle, chimpanzees, brown bears, or gibbons of the Henghe region. Also for the purpose of finding out where people are. Snow that a British mountaineer, experienced many hardships, finally in 1951, he succeeded in capturing a picture of a snowman’s footprint south of Long Bang Mountain in the Kaoli Sankei range.

At the same time, he discovered two pieces of the snowman’s scalp. Primate expert AusmanHill has confirmed that the head is very similar to that of an ape. However, there were some who doubted the truthfulness of his claims. In late 1972, an American zoologist led a survey to Nepal. On a windy and snowy night, there was a snowman. paced back and forth in front of their two huts. Unfortunately, they did not detect it, until the next morning they discovered the snowman’s footprints on the ground; Moreover, the footprints imprinted on the snow were very clear, they immediately recorded and later compared them with a 1951 photograph of the British mountaineer, the results are very similar.

But to this day, There is still no solid evidence to prove the existence of snowmen. “Sand-Sand” “Beautiful Man” About 1907 to 1911, a zoologist collected some documents of the Zhun Gan scorpion in Xinjiang, China, which the locals call “Ket Ya-Xiyi”, and in 1914 he published some results related to the wild man problem at the Saint Peter’s Institute of Science, but at that time no one noticed. mind him at all. Until 1958, the Soviet scientist (B.Borronov) discovered and immediately took advantage of these reports. The report reads as follows: it resembles a small camel, its body is full of hair, its fur is brown and pale ash, its arms are long but its legs are short, it climbs extremely fast, its face is wide, its joints protrude out. , wide mouth and no lips, no lower chin, hairless on the face but darker than the limbs, eats roots, leaves, fruits, eggs, lizards, turtles and other animals. ..SASQUATCH THE FEATURES IN the jungles of North America has circulated the story of a kind of wild man.

According to eyewitnesses, this animal is very tall, from 1.8m to 3m, weighs more than 300kg, can walk on two limbs. They often leave very large footprints; The hair-like body is brown, gray or black or even white. From the twentieth century to the present, scientists have conducted a survey of this wild animal on a relatively large scale. In the immediate future, surveyors have in hand more than a hundred documents about their footprints. In 1969, a scientist discovered 1,089 footprints of wild people in the snow in Luxembourg, Washington state, and at the same time, he also discovered that the right foot has a very strange shape. The researchers determined that these cannot be human footprints. American scientists announced on October 20, 1967 in Northern California, that they
used a 16mm camera to capture a photo of a female gorilla running 30m away from them, in 17 seconds. However, scientists are still debating the truthfulness of this photo. HUGE HUMANS Hundreds of years ago, an artist painted a giant girl with a benevolent, kind face, but her expression remained young as a child. This girl was standing still in a beautiful garden. The girl’s appearance is very similar to the legends of the ferocious giant. In the historical records of a number of legends or folklore around the world, there are more or less recorded stories about giants, even Sometimes the giant was up to 5m tall. Portuguese navigator Magellan once claimed that he had discovered a group of giants dancing on the coast of America. “In which there is a person as tall as 8 ordinary people”. A Church official in Spain cited in the Bible and asserted that the first inhabitants of the valley of Mexico and elsewhere were giants. In 1533, a monk recorded the following story in “The History of Mexican Painting.

The giant used his hand to pull the tree, the food was tiger. The book also compares the relationship of this giant with the giant in the “Old Testament”. In addition, a missionary priest raised a theory that: before the flood, in a place on the land of Mexico, there lived giants. In the 18th century, another monk added that: not only before the flood, but also after the flood, there were fierce giants residing. An Indian historian has commented as follows: “Because of the severe punishment and many terrible natural disasters, the giants became extinct.” Legend has it that people also discovered The bones of giants appeared in Mexico.

During the period of Oh wow, in 1520, the history of Mexico recorded a document as follows: near Mexico City, people often discovered giant bone samples. In 1567, 1579, 1619 in New Caledonia also discovered the remains of giants, in which there is a skull that looks like “a big oven on which you can bake cornflakes”. In the Americas today, there are still stories of giants. In the 70s of the twentieth century, a number of explorers and Indians saw the red stooped back of the giant in Peru and the Amazon river. On December 25, 1986, in an article published in “Mexico – Sun”, that in the east of Mexico City, a complete skull of a giant was discovered, in addition to many relics that the giant had used giant. It is speculated that this is an adult, 3.5 – 5m tall. Some scientists specializing in research on giants have analyzed the following: maybe giants once lived on this Earth, but also maybe it is a subgenus that appeared in the evolution of humans, later due to some genetic reason, they became extinct. However, to confirm this conclusion we need more convincing evidence.

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