Who is Leese Marie? All about ‘Gold Rush’ star Rick Ness’ girlfriend 

Video Who is Leese Marie? All about ‘Gold Rush’ star Rick Ness’ girlfriend 

Recently, reports about Gold Rush star Rick Ness’ partner have been making rounds on the Internet. The reports come after Rick was rumored to have been romantically linked to his co-star Karla Ann Charlton. She was on Rick’s team as a gold room operator and a survival expert.

Proving several fan theories wrong, Rick Ness has made his new relationship public after sharing snaps of himself with his girlfriend, Leese Marie. Ness has never been overtly public about his personal life, and had recently been body shamed along with Marie on the Internet. However, admirably, the couple shrugged it off without “feeding the troll.”

While multiple sources peg Jen Ness as his former wife, other publications refer to Jen as being married to or formerly married to Rick Ness’ twin brother, Randy.

Who is Rick Ness’ partner, Leese Marie?

While not much is known about her, Leese Marie appears to be in her mid- to late-30s or early 40s. Some sites mention her birthday on October 25, but this cannot be confirmed. In April, Rick announced via his Facebook profile that Marie would be appearing on Gold Rush Season 12.

In August, Rick showcased his gratitude to Marie on Facebook for accompanying him to the Yukon. Along with a picture of themselves, he wrote:

Although her native city and country are unknown, a few fans have speculated Marie to be from Milwaukee like Rick Ness.

On October 9, Rick posted on his Facebook about almost being done sluicing on the Yukon site and being ready to head home to his partner Leese Marie. She had returned to their home about a month ago. This highlights that the couple has potentially moved in together and that Leese Marie currently lives in Milwaukee.

Around July, Ness posted snaps of themselves alongside his dog, Ruby, in front of an off-road buggy. This signifies that the couple go off-roading quite often, as Rick has previously showcased his interest in the activity by sharing pictures of the same on Facebook.

Leese Marie seems to be even more private than Rick as she does not appear to have any public social media profiles.

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