Zak Bagans Married, Daughter, Gay, Net Worth And Personal Life

Zak Bagans is a TV personality and paranormal investigator. He has been the lead investigator on Ghost Adventures since its inception in 2008, and he also hosted Paranormal Challenge from 2009 to 2011. In 2013, he was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Reality Series category for his work on Ghost Adventures.

He is currently hosting Travel Channel’s Haunted Live and The Demon House on Destination America. Zak Bagans married Erin Lee Carr (born November 28, 1983) on July 9, 2007 at Las Vegas’ Little White Wedding Chapel with only the two of them present as witnesses. They have one daughter together named Ava Grace who was born January 12th.

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Zak Bagans, the host of Ghost Adventures and the creator of the popular Ghost Adventures Crew, is also a member.

Zak is also a published writer, occasional actor, and recording artist with a large following outside of his connection to Travel Channel.

Parents, Siblings & Ethnicity

Zak Bagans, a native of Washington, D.C., was born on April 5, 2020. He was born in 1977. That is, Professor Bagans’ real name is Zachary Alexander Bagans. Furthermore, his biological parents called him Zachary Alexander.

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Zak is the oldest of six children, and he has a big sister named Meredith Bagans and two little brothers Phil and Sky. He is most likely to identify as a Caucasian man because of his ethnic background.

Zak attended the Motion Picture Institute in Michigan after graduating from Glenbard West High School. He has also performed in front of the masses as a wedding DJ in Las Vegas before pursuing his real interest.

Mark Ronson is also a gay man. He has a wife and several siblings.

Zak Bagans Married, Daughter, Gay, Net Worth And Personal Life

Zak Bagans’ Tattoos, Net Worth, and Eyes

In 2006, Zak Bagans began hosting Ghost Adventures. He co-hosted the Who’s That Number? (sixteen), Following the Footsteps of a Horseman and Beyond, and hosted The Ridge Reporter – which aired on CBS. The New York Super naturalists Challenge, Paranormal Paparazzi, Nightline, and

I Am Hunted, Darkness Optional, and Dark World. As a member of the band Lord of Acid, he’s released several albums, including Voodoo-U, Necro Fusion, and The Greatest T*ts.

Zak has seven tattoos, which have a strange almost-crossed pair of eyes as their motif. The Celtic cross on his left arm and the Dracula s Cross on his right wrist are the most visible of all of his tattoos.

Zak Bagans is 6 feet 1 inch tall (187 cm) and has a net worth of approximately $5 million.

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Wife, Daughter, and Married Life

In 2013, Zak Bagans and a cosmetologist named Christine Dolce had a brief relationship.

Christine McMorris, a prominent My Space celebrity who died of liver failure in 2017, is an example. Likewise, she had appeared on the commercials for Axe Deodrant and Playboy.

After Christine, Zak began dating Ashley Mallette. In 2014, the popular Travel Channel personality and his former spouse Ashley got engaged after a lovely dating period.

Unfortunately, before Zak could give his girlfriend-turned-fiancée Ashely the title of wife and marry her, they split up.

Contrary to popular false rumors, Zak does not appear to have a daughter.

In June 2019, Zak Bagans and his wife Holly Maddison sparked rumors of a romance.

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Zak began dating model Holly Madison in 2019. In November 2014, the former Girls Next Door star was seen making a very loving remark beneath his Instagram post.

After four months of dating, the pair confirmed their relationship to the public. It was revealed that they had been dating for four months following Holly’s divorce from Electric Daisy Carnival founder Pasquale Rotella. For the past five years, Holly and Pasquale have been married and had two children, Rainbow Aurora and Forest Leonardo Antonio.

In February 2021, it was reported that Zak and Holly had called it quits. According to a source, the former couple parted on decent terms and maintain their friendship.

Zak Bagans’ Gay, Girlfriend, and Love Life

In early-2017, Zak Bagans joked that he was a homosexual man with Aaron Goodwin. The video was published on The Worlds Most Randoms’ YouTube channel.

Zak cleared the air surrounding his sexuality in 2012, four years before the video went viral, by identifying as heterosexual.

Zak has an excellent dating history, which includes Christine Dolce, Ashley Mallette, and Holly Maddison, among other lovely ladies.

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